Residential Property In Hyderabad

The residential real estate in Hyderabad is in for some very good times. There are many reasons for this which are enumerated below: –

A healthy mix of manufacturing sector and IT infrastructure exists in the city. Almost all major national and international IT Companies have set base here and the historical manufacturing sector is throbbing, providing the right mix of job opportunities across the spectrum. This is a huge attraction for the working and the middle class, the quantum increase in the migratory population raises the requirement of rental as well as ready to move in residential property.

We have already touched upon the infrastructure- the international airport, a well laid out network of roads and the development of metro add on to the cities score on the Liveability index, thus making it a sought after destination.

The Hyderabad suburb has availability of large land packets and therefore development of large scale townships is possible in areas like Vattinagulapalli, Gaulidodi, Metchel road, Nanakrakuda and Maniconda.

The residential real estate costs/prices are in the range of the middle class and therefore attracts the end user market. The residential real estate trends in Hyderabad caters to the entire segment form affordable to luxury, which provides flexibility and choice to the end user.

The Telangana state has been able to raise capital from the central government due to it being a newly established state, which enhances the execution of infrastructure projects at a fast pace.

All major real estate companies and developers have purchased land packets in the suburbs of Hyderabad, thus bringing in the right competition and keeping the prices in check.

Despite the slowdown in the real estate sector in the past three years and which is likely to continue, residential real estate costs in Hyderabad have been steady and have shown growth. Call us- 0124-4370612



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