Property in Jaipur


Jaipur as a city is an amalgamation of historical heritage, cultural diversity and modern living. It famously is part of the golden triangle as part of the tourist route, its proximity to the NCR region gives it that extra edge as compared to other towns.

Jaipur as a city scores high on its Liveability Index as it boasts of a very robust infrastructure. Well laid out internal roads with peripheral connectivity, an international airport, BRTS and Metro as part of the transport infrastructure, add to its ever expanding kitty of facilities.

Jaipur has exploited its heritage and tourist tag well, as also has taken advantage of the exponential increase in property prices in the NCR region. The exponential increase in infrastructure costs in terms of land, office, residential, retail and industrial space in the NCR region over the past several years created an opportunity for the nearby towns to open their gates, Jaipur rose to the occasion and exploited the opportunity well. The real estate property in Jaipur saw the ever growing opportunity and was well assisted by the municipal administration. Together they have been able to create an infrastructure which attracts industry, which in turn influences migration of population raising, the demand for residential property in Jaipur. All in all a win-win situation for real estate investments in Jaipur.

Real Estate in India has been reeling under a severe slow down for the past 3 years, this has provided Jaipur real estate industry a great opportunity. The developer community in Jaipur has exploited this opportunity well with stepping up the tempo and looking at an all-round growth from warehousing, to industrial units, office spaces, SEZ IT Parks and affordable housing.  The exorbitant increase in real estate prices in Gurgaon and adjoining areas, only boosted this opportunity in Jaipur. The synergy that Jaipur today provides in terms of infrastructure, tourism, job opportunities and affordable real estate prices will go a long way in making it one the most sought after real estate destinations in India.







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