Real Estate Websites in India – The Number Game Must End

Real estate websites in India are by the dozen, each trying to outnumber the others by way of number of hits; total properties listed or overall traction. Very few try and go beyond these numbers and look at actually giving the end user value for money.

The reason for this number game ruling the Real estate websites in India is that all ranking websites on the internet whether Alexa, Similar Web, Google analytics, only look at a few factors i.e. to include the number of hits, unique users, time spent on website and number of pages visited. These rankings, figures and numbers are also used by independent agencies trying to rate the real estate websites and recommending the best ones. One needs to understand that these are statistical figures and can be boosted through quite a few ethical as well as unethical means.  Traffic or traction definitely needs to be one of the components while rating or ranking any real estate website in India, but by no means can be the only one.

While analysing real estate websites in India the agencies/organisations need to keep in mind that templates which are applicable for e-commerce or other websites cannot be blindly applied here. In case of real estate websites, the content is the single most important factor and cannot be overlooked. User experience, design and ease of negotiation are other important factors which need to be accounted for.

An analogy could be drawn with commercial cinema and art/content based movies; traction is akin to box office jingles; however, critic awards are always taken away by content based movies. A combination of both these aspects leads to a win-win situation. Similarly, traction on real estate websites in India is only indicative of its popularity quotient (that also if it is not through unethical means); it is a direct derivative of the marketing budget and does not reflect on the quality or content.

Unless and until these rankings/ratings do not account for content, the real estate websites in India would be happy playing these number games and the end user would keep struggling for authentic information.

It is time for Residential property in India get way from this number game and concentrate on providing meaningful content which meats the end user requirements. The real estate websites in India need to actually bridge the gap between the end users and real estate developers in a transparent and unbiased manner. This would go a long way in reducing the trust deficit which exists and unfortunately is further widening between the end users and real estate developers.


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