Residential Projects in Bangalore

Bangalore the city of IT parks, has maintained its number one position in the real estate market in India. The real estate market in Bangalore has been expanding and growing over the years. Office space and residential projects are the biggest attraction in Bangalore. Residential projects in Bangalore are generally concentrated in segregated localities; however, there are localities which have a mix of commercial as well as residential projects.


Bangalore remains the hottest real estate property destination in India. Bangalore has embraced all possible diverse cultures and that has been the city’s strength. Whether one belongs from north India, South east or Western India; Bangalore as a city welcomes everybody with the same warmth and hospitality. This has been the key to stability of the real estate and property in prices in Bangalore. It is a neutral city, with excellent weather, job opportunities and ease of living. This attracts not only end users but also individual investors to purchase Real estate property in Bangalore. Bangalore real estate and property market is all set for another exponential rise in the coming years.


White filed and Sarjapur are areas which have concentration of residential projects in Bangalore. Electronic city II is an example of a mix of commercial as well as residential projects in Bangalore. Some people want to have the residential accommodation near to the place of work as it saves travelling time and therefore localities like Electronic City II are popular. However, this doesn’t work out always; if one changes jobs for better opportunity every couple of years, it is not possible to keep hopping residences and then getting acquainted with a new place every now and then. Residential projects in Bangalore are available in all look and sizes and it is not difficult to find one at ones chosen locality.1


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