Right Time to Buy Property in gurgaon

Many of us dream to own real estate in Gurgaon, the once tiny village has truly come into its own and now rivals South Delhi for its nightlife and quality of housing. The top builders in Gurgaon want to fulfill our dream of owning a home in the bustling city, at a price. But the recent slump in property prices across the country means that the buyer has more power than the seller, it is a buyers’ market and maybe for the first time since its transformation from a tiny village to a business hub, Gurgaon property prices have never looked more attractive.


Wherever you look, whether you are the kind looking at luxury apartments in Gurgaon provided by DLF or other top builders in the city or one with a leaner pocket considering the vast numbers available and still affordable housing in Gurgaon there has almost never been a better time to buy in Gurgaon than today. Flats in Gurgaon almost certainly cost less today than they did at their peak in 2010-2012 which makes them a good long term investment.


The city is still booming with top domestic and international real estate developers building new projects in Gurgaon, particularly on Golf Course Extension Road and Sohna Road which are both hotbeds of construction changing the skyline of the city. Driving down Golf Course extension Road and Sohna road one can glimpse new projects in Gurgaon carried on by the likes of Ireo Management and M3M India, both builders in Gurgaon constructing luxury apartments in the city.

There is an excess of supply in the market despite previous attempts by real estate developers in Gurgaon to sell excess inventory by offering discounts and attractive schemes to attract customers.  Although many of the flats in Gurgaon may still be expensive for most buyers, the Haryana Government’s Affordable Housing Policy resulted in the launch of the maximum number of new homes in Gurgaon which are meant to be affordable housing projects in Gurgaon providing housing for as low as 25 lakhs.


Owning a property in Gurgaon, to many often means having an apartment in the bustling city; for some of us however the idea of being cooped up in a house without access to a lawn is a notion that makes us squeamish. We feel better when we are close to the ground and near Mother Nature.  There is no shortage of luxury villas in Gurgaon,  Vipul offers villas on Sohna Road starting at just 3.5 Cr going up to 13 Cr, Eldeco one of the oldest and top builders in Gurgaon has villas at Sohna road staring at 4 cr and going up to 5.7 cr.


Although these may seem expensive to most there are other builders in Gurgaon whose villas command a price almost twice as much as luxury villas on Sohna road.  Despite such seemingly exorbitant prices in the millennial city, any real estate in Gurgaon you purchase is most likely to be a great investment especially now that you can buy upcoming projects in Gurgaon at a significant discount.



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