Luxury Property In Pune – reaching New Heights

The Queen of the Deccan as she is lovingly described; ranked second in India for its standard of living. Pune is also the hub of numerous Information Technology research institutes and top notch schools and colleges.


Don’t be intimidated by the description we have painted above, prices of luxury apartments in Pune are still lower than other parts of the country. A 5000 square foot 4 BHK apartment would only cost a little more than 4 crores in Pune. Almost a third of what it would cost to buy a similar apartment in Gurgaon. The property I mentioned is being built by one of the top 10 builders in Pune.


Luxury flats in Pune offer the same world class amenities which any buyer of luxury homes would expect, except that most of them don’t burn quite as big a hole in your pocket.


Of course every city has people with more money than they know what to do with, satiating this super rich segment of society can be best done only by Donald Trump. As almost certainly one of the top builders in Pune the Trump organization is developing luxury flats in Pune which cost upwards of 15 crore. In Panchshil Trump Towers, Kalyani Nagar Pune, here a 5 BHK flat with 6000 square feet of living space could set you back a little more than 15 crores.


Yet even this height of opulence is unmatched by the exorbitant prices charged by the Dreams group for luxury apartments in Pune.  The price of its 4 BHK 4,500 square foot apartment runs up to more than 40 crores.

For most of us this is ungraspable, but don’t jump to alarm there are still plenty of luxury apartments in Pune well within the reach of us mere mortals. Properties by builders in Pune for the luxury segment costing less than ten crores abound. One such upcoming residential project in Pune is by Portia in Balewadi, the project is expected to be completed by December of next year and offers a 4 BHK 3900 square foot flat for the tidy sum of 5 crore.


Another great luxury real estate project in Pune is being constructed by Supreme Universal Esteban who are constructing a property in line to be completed by September of this year, a 4 BHK flat with 4200 square feet of living space could cost you a little more than 6 crores. Located at Koregaon Park the project promises five star facilities with all the bells and whistles one has come to expect from the reputable builder. The Esteban group has 25 completed projects with only 4 projects that are ongoing, making it almost certain that this project will completed on time. Needless to say the project is located at one of the most coveted addresses in Pune in addition to being built by one of the top builders in Pune.real estate projects in pune


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