Where and why of property in Bangalore

Buying an affordable high quality property in Bangalore may soon be within the reach of most of us. The city is brisling with commercial activity by day and beats rival cities like Mumbai and Delhi by providing high quality employment and education opportunities.

Many of us may know all of the above and there is a good chance you want to look at flats in Bangalore either for yourself or as an investment for your children. After all, if you work for a software company there is good chance you have already worked in the city or may have to do so in the future. Living in the city in your own flat may make you a better denizen besides making you feel more welcome in a city where you may not necessary have your roots.

If you are a native of the city then buying real estate in Bangalore makes perfect sense, you would live in a city which you call home close to friends and family with ample opportunity to eat meals suited to your pallet, meals which you may not necessarily get anywhere else.

If money were no object we would all want to live in Antilia; although a few with refined taste may not. Yet money plays the biggest part when we decide where we want to buy a home, one of the builders in Bangalore, Sobha Limited, provides affordable apartments in Bangalore off Hosur Road. Sobha Silicon Oasis, a residential property in Bangalore by Sobha Limited offers 2 BHK flats in Bangalore of 1400 square feet for less than 1 Cr. The project is expected to be completed by 2019 and for young professionals just embarking on a career path who wish to buy property in Bangalore it may be quite affordable as well as a great place to live.

Several other new projects in Bangalore are expected to be completed by builders in Bangalore just off Hosur Road. Among them is Udgan Green Residency in Singasundra by Green Shapes Developer, who are constructing 3 BHK flats with nearly 2000 square feet of space which is priced at less than 1 crore, this project is expect to be completed by 2017. Another of the top builders in Bangalore, Unitech has a project named Uniworld Resorts near Electronic City, a mere 5 minute drive from Hosur Road. Uniworld Resorts offers 3 BHK flats in Bangalore constructed by a top builder in Bangalore with apartments priced for less than 1 Crore. One reason to consider this Unitech project is the high build quality offered by Unitech in all of its previous projects as well as their timely delivery atleast in Bangalore.

The suburbs are one region of the city that offers affordable housing in Bangalore. Areas such as Hosur Road, Kanakapura Road and Mysore Road have witnessed a boom providing affordable housing in Bangalore with many small real estate developers in the city taking advantage of buying large parcels of land at affordable prices. One should however keep in mind that even top builders in Bangalore provide relatively affordable housing in a few parts of the city. Hence if you seek affordable housing in Bangalore from a trusted real estate developer you may have the right mix of both in the cities suburbs.

Real Estate  Property in bengaluruResidential Property in bengaluru


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