Why Service apartment property in Bangalore is Booming

Many business travelers regularly visit Bangalore, India’s answer to Silicon Valley. They come not only from our own country but all over the world, making Bangalore a cosmopolitan metropolis and a very exciting city to visit indeed.

Yet business travel takes a toll on even the most seasoned business traveler. We become tired of sleeping in hotels regardless of how luxurious the surroundings. We miss home; we miss the ambience of our personal dwelling and that personal touch which no five-star hotel has yet been able perfect.

Needless to say such travel and stay are also terribly expensive and unproductive over time when concerning our work.

To overcome these problems, the hospitality industry found the perfect solution, service apartments. Affordable places to stay for a visit of any length. Living in five star accommodations for weeks on end can stretch the budget of even the most prosperous organization. And from a work life balance perspective staying in service apartments in Bangalore may even be more conducive. Every business traveler has seen his or her share of hotel rooms and has met every other type of traveler who also stays perpetually in hotels. Living in service apartments gives one the ability to gain the pulse of a city far better than a staid hotel full of business travelers ever can.

Bangalore may not have started the concept of services apartments in India, but they may very well have perfected it into an art form. The service apartments in Bangalore are among the best in the country.

The Waves Serviced Apartments located at Ballunder Circle on the Outer Ring Road in Bangalore are a great example of high quality hospitality and affordable prices of the many service apartments in Bangalore. Offering a twenty four hour check in and check out facility, they are ideal for a traveler who is coming from any part of the world and departing for another yet another. With 16 comfortable rooms and all modern amenities at your disposal, you are sure to have an inexpensive yet comfortable stay.

Although not necessarily meant for the jet set, service apartments do provide a pick and drop facility from the airport and has comfortable rooms with many attractive tourist sites nearby including a fort which was once the home of the famed warrior Tipu Sultan.

Other more high end service apartments in Bangalore include Ankit Vista Service Apartment and SMS Properties which charge 10000 INR or more per night and in return offer luxury comparable to that offered by high end hotels. However, both lack the friendliness of a 24 hour check in and check out.  Ankit Vista Service apartments are located at Yelahanka with SMS Properties are some distance away at Sarjapur Road.

Finding service apartments in Bangalore is a piece of cake, the boom in the city over the past 15 to 20 years has brought with it great physical infrastructure as well as a torrent of international travelers and students leading to the creation of a hospitality industry rivaling that of much larger Indian cities.

If the keen traveler wishes to stay in the heart of the city, they may consider builders in Bangalore located at or near MG Road, undoubtedly the commercial center of Bangalore. Sterling Living Space on Residency Road is one of such a large number of service apartments in Bangalore.Residential Property in bengaluru


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