hyderabad- the Real Estate Destination of India

Looking for new home? Are you unsure where to invest your nest egg? Hyderabad may just be the place you’re looking for.

Residential Property in Hyderabad has come a long way over the past few decades and has now attained what economists term “investment grade status”. With property in Hyderabad showing an upward trend graph over the last 3 years with average price for property in the city rising from nearly 3200 Rupees per square foot to almost 3800 Rupees a square foot today, it seems there is no stopping the property juggernaut in Hyderabad’s property market.


If an investor wishes to invest for appreciation in upcoming projects in Hyderabad, this may be the right time. There are nearly 441 new projects in Hyderabad under construction and if one were to extrapolate using previous years tends, an investor could very well purchase an apartment and sell within a few years gaining a handsome return.


The construction of residential projects in Hyderabad is vast and numerous with some of the top real estate players in the fray. With quality builders offering 2000 square foot apartments starting from as low as 70 Lakhs, there is no shortage of affordable housing in Hyderabad.


For wheelers and dealers who understand the market with a great deal of sophistication, Hyderabad has a great deal to offer as well. The famed Lodha group is present in the city with a new development scheduled to be completed this year, considering the quality of the builders past projects even a neophyte investor can easily invest comfortably and be assured of  good returns.


A city once famous for its delicious food, especially its biryani, times have changed. There is an upbeat atmosphere in the city and not just because the home team won the Indian Premier League title beating no less than Bangalore. The high work ethics of the people of Hyderabad combined with values emphasizing education have begun to pay off for the city dwellers, the boom in real estate in Hyderabad was preceded by a boom in Information Technology. All this was due to the cultural values of the inhabitants of Hyderabad who prize hard work and education.


All of this success has not made the citizens of the city complacent, the high standards of their biryani have not dropped an inch as I was told by my relative who visited the city last week. I was angry at him for posting the photo of the dish on Facebook as it made by mouth salivate leading me to binge, and I’m trying to lose weight.


Buying property in Hyderabad can be a cinch even if you are not an insider and unfamiliar with the market.  A top real estate website in Hyderabad http://www.PropChill.com can be a great help for an interloper who intends to partake in the extraordinary growth in the residential property in Hyderabad.

On my next visit to the city, which I see happening within the next 3 weeks I intend to visit areas where the most frantic new projects in Hyderabad are being constructed. Namely, Tellapur, Gachibowli and Hitech City.


While there I intend to play golf at one of the city’s golf courses, I’m not a member but my cousin is and he sure as hell owes me.



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