property in Ahmedabad

A colleague with whom I had reconnected after a gap of several years had often expressed a moderate dislike of our current Prime Minister, he felt that perhaps our country needed a gentler leader rather than an (as he saw it) a slightly authoritarian one.

It turned out that my friend was a claustrophobic and could never bear to stand in an elevator no matter how short the trip. Eventually he bought a home in Satellite. I knew that there were more affordable homes in Ahmedabad than the upscale part of Satellite, I knew of real estate developers in Ahmedabad whose homes sold for only about a crore. Yet the property my friend had bought at Satellite cost well over 2 crore.

That’s when I realized that I had misjudged; my friend and I were most likely separated by more than 3 paygrades.


Imagine my surprise when upon our last meeting he could not stop gushing with praise for Mr. Modi, I asked him what had brought about this change. It turns out that he had been transferred by his consultancy firm and had been living in Ahmedabad for the past one and a half years. He remarked how wonderful it was, the seamless flow of traffic and the power supply which never failed. It would appear he was a changed man; living in a new city had transformed him from a staunch liberal into a moderate. But such stories are not out of the ordinary when the city in question is Ahmedabad.


My Colleague is now keen to keen to own a home in the Ahmedabad, so enamored is he with the city.


Property in Ahmedabad is among the most expensive in the state of Gujarat and the city is the financial hub of the prosperous state of Gujarat. Real Estate in Ahmedabad is relatively inexpensive as compared with other large areas such as the Mumbai Metropolitan Region and NCR. Even in the most upscale parts of the city rates for property in Ahmedabad can be below 6,200 Rupees per square foot.

Bodakdev, an affluent region of the city is witness to new projects in Ahmedabad by builders offering 4 BHK 4,500 square feet apartments for as low as 2 crore. One of the top builders in Ahmedabad such as the JP Iskon Group is among the developers building luxury apartments in this part of the city.


Several real estate developers in Ahmedabad have a large number of upcoming projects near the SG Highway which connects Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar. Among the top builders in Ahmedabad with upcoming projects on SG Highway are Arise Buildcon, Signature Group and Godrej Properties. These upcoming projects in Ahmedabad offer a great deal of diversity with an offering of flats ranging from 1 BHK up to 4 BHK.


One of the top builders in Ahmedabad, Nile Infrastructure Ahmedabad, has successfully constructed several affordable apartments in Ahmedabad in areas of the city such as Makarba. Most such new constructions cost less than 60 Lakhs making them homes to invest in; the size of most such properties varies from 1,300 to 1,800 square feet.


I was curious to ask my friend where he would invest his money; I knew that he was two or possibly three pay grades ahead of me and hence had could afford a larger home. I had guessed that he had been looking at luxury apartments in Ahmedabad yet was surprised to learn that eventually he settled on a house in the city.ahmedabad


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