Real estate Property in Bangalore

Once Bangalore and Infosys were nearly synonymous, the company quickly shot to fame to become one of the most valuable in the country. Many Infosys employees became millionaires overnight and stories of the success of its founder made Narayan Murthy an Indian business icon. All this was nearly 16 years ago.

Although Infosys’s fortunes may have changed, Bangalore’s have not. The city has gone from strength to strength with large international companies moving entire divisions to the city and simultaneously increasing the number of high end, highly skilled jobs in Bangalore.

This has had a huge impact on buy property in Bangalore. If you had been living in Bangalore in the 1990’s and came back to the city today you would be astonished by the steep hike in prices of property in Bangalore.

Mahadevapura boasts of several upcoming projects in Bangalore all priced to sell well above 75 lakhs per unit. Many of the top builders in Bangalore such as Candeur and Nester have upcoming flats priced above 5500 Rupees per square feet in the locality. If that were not enough there are now several independent bungalows in this part of the city with an asking price of well over a crore. All this in a neighborhood that has one of the biggest slums in the city!

Spoorthi Builders and Developers to have a presence in this part of the city, they provide affordable 3 BHK flats priced at close to 75 Lakhs. If interested in buying affordable 3 BHK flats in Bangalore then this development by Spoorthi Builders and Developers in Mahadevapura certainly deserves your consideration.

An upcoming project in Bangalore at Mahadevapura by Brigade Group, offers the opportunity to own 2 BHK flats in Bangalore at a reasonable price of only 74 Lakhs. The flats in question are slightly more than 1000 square feet in area and are scheduled to be completed by the end of the year.

With real estate trends all pointing skyward, property in Bangalore makes for a great investment. On average property in the city has appreciated by over 15% in the last 3 years with some parts of the city showing a healthy appreciation of over 30%.

Builders and Developers in Bangalore catering to the large numbers of skilled workers in the city’s IT sector have promised and delivered to the populace of the city. With 30 new projects launched this year and over 1500 projects under construction, the market for property in Bangalore is more than lively, it is searing hot. The most remarkable fact about property in Bangalore is how consistently it has grown with almost no year registering a drop in prices.

Having discussed the property market in the city, it now seems right to comment on what the city has to offer its inhabitants. Or better yet what it doesn’t have to offer its citizens, with a new metro line in the city one of the angst city dwellers had against poor traffic conditions in the city may soon be a thing of the past. The city boasts of an international airport as well as lush greenery spread out throughout the city.

With all of the conveniences mentioned above who would not want to own property in Bangalore.

Real estate property in  bangalore


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