Residential Property in noida

Property in Greater Noida showed tremendous promise a decade ago, and if some top members of the Uttar Pradesh government get their way property in Greater Noida may once again be among the top investment destinations in India.

The government of Uttar Pradesh has already requested the aviation ministry to build an international airport at Jewar. If things go as planned by the UP Government, it could mark a turning point for residential property in Greater Noida, a market in a slump which never quite to rose to fulfill its promise. Sources say close to 2,400 acres of land have been acquired for the proposed airport.

Could this finally happen? Perhaps the more important question is should it happen? The International Airport at New Delhi old thought it may be, is still not operating at peak capacity and may not do so for several years. The volume of air traffic at the Delhi Airport is nowhere near peak capacity potentially raising the risk that another International Airport in the NCR region would result in wasteful expenditure and possibly a new ghost airport.

Reasons to construct a new International airport at Greater Noida vary between utility, vanity and a me too mentality, with the former two as the more plausible reasons. There is little to make the case for an utility argument when another airport within the NCR is years, perhaps decades, away from reaching its peak traffic limit.

Vanity certainly plays a part, as due to the easy connectivity of Gurgaon with New Delhi, upcoming projects in Noida have diminished in number and scope. A new International Airport at Greater Noida could certainly resurrect the market for property in Noida and give the city added prestige. Me-to is the concept understood by the masses who would just love to have a new international airport, who knows, one day they may even catch an outbound flight from it to an exotic foreign destination.

Whether the city of Greater Noida really needs a new International Airport is debatable and I would love to hear plausible arguments from the other side.2


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