Property in Mumbai

I think we have all heard the names Bandra, Juhu, Andheri and we know where these places are. They’re in Mumbai. The names sound glamorous; we have grown up hearing them ever since we were young children.

For the lucky few who live in these neighborhoods, many look up to you. We can imagine what life is like for you as you frequent all the glittering shopping malls nearby during the day, to the surreal and exclusive discotheques you haunt at night. We want to be like you, no we want to be you. We want to own a house where you live. We want to own property in Mumbai.

So what does it take? How much do we have to shell out to live like you?

Well if you have the appetite for it, an apartment by Sach Ishaan Developers in Bandra West can be yours for a little over 4.5 crores. A 2 BHK flat in Mumbai at Bandra costs over 4.5 crores!! Yes of course silly, this is Mumbai, not ostentatious yet backward Gurgaon where you could easily have a 4 BHK for the same price.

The development by Sach Ishaan is only one of several upcoming projects in Mumbai and may I add one of the less expensive ones. Another upcoming project in Bandra by one of the top builders in Mumbai Jaycee Homes, costs more than 7.6 crores, the good news is that for this price you can have your very own 3 BHK flat in Mumbai, courtesy Jaycee Homes.

Ok, so these are expensive flats, does this mean I can never own property in Mumbai?

Let’s look at Juhu, if you are keen to own a luxury flat in Mumbai then you’ve come to right place. A 3000 square foot 3 BHK flat by the Rustomjee Group here would cost you approximately 10 crores. The project is expected to be completed by the end of next year. JP Infra has something a little more affordable in Juhu priced just under 5 crores, and good news, it’s a 3 BHK, practically a mansion in a place like Mumbai.

If the properties I mentioned above made your heart sink, don’t worry; actually don’t worry too much. Andheri may just be your cup of tea. If you are seriously keen to own property in Mumbai but don’t have the cash to shell out for a decent home in Bandra and Juhu, Andheri West may just be it for you. A 2 bedroom property by Adani here starts at just under 3 crores, a steal all things considered.

Mayfair has a property in Andheri West with prices starting just under 3.5 crores for a 2 BHK 1300 square foot flat. This is a newly constructed property which was just completed in January of this year. The same building also has 4 BHK flats for approximately 4.7 crores.

Bandra, Juhu and Andheri are about as upscale as you can get in Mumbai, every small kid growing up in a Mumbai slum who dreams of making it big dreams of owning a home in one of these neighborhoods. Things may not be as difficult for us, if you are reading this then there is a fair chance you too could one day own a home in Andheri, or if you are really successful maybe even at Juhu.



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