Real estate property in Mumbai Nallasopara

A region of Mumbai with affordable property is Nallascopara.

Providing a consistent repertoire on affordable housing in Mumbai can never be complete without the inclusion of this neighborhood.

Some upcoming projects in Mumbai at Nalascopara include developments by Shri Ganesh builders, Evershine and Sai Crystal Developers.


Evershine has 2 BHK flats for sale in Mumbai at Nalasophara for approximately 51 lakhs per unit. The size of the flats is over 1000 square feet and project was completed nearly 7 years ago.

Sai Crystal Developers have a property in Mumbai at Nalasopara where the buyer can part with 23 lakhs and become the proud owner of a 600 square foot 1 BHK flat in Mumbai.


Although there is no shortage whatsoever of luxury apartments in Mumbai, the vast multitudes of the citizens of Mumbai are salary men or government servants who cannot afford luxury apartments in Mumbai.


With the growth of the middle class in India a unique pattern is emerging which shows a tendency towards the ownership of flats as opposed to homes built on a plot of land. Despite the abundance of land within our national borders, the citizens of the country prefer to live within the confines of a community. Such a trend is unlikely to change in the foreseeable future or over a greater time horizon.


With a preference for flats in top real destinations in the country like Mumbai and NCR the Indian consumer has voted with a resounding yes to flats located at regions of the city with easy access to most other parts of the city

Over time as more and more rural and agricultural people move out towards the cities (as has been the global trend for at least the past 50 years) properties which are not exclusive today may be considered so in the future.


Mumbai property is a vast construction of homes and building connected by a network of roads and railway lines which while not keeping the city running smoothly, certainly maintains some semblance of an organized system which, while chaotic and decentralized, keeps its human inhabitants in a lively atmosphere where they need for nothing outside the city.


The vast numbers of upcoming residential projects in Mumbai at localities like Nalasoparra point to a dynamism in a city the likes of which may have last been seen in what is now New York over one hundred years ago.

What is in store for Mumbai as a city of the future? It is possible that within a few decades it could become a financial center as important as Shanghai or Tokyo are now. If or more likely when that happens much of the property under construction today as affordable housing In Mumbai would have mutated into luxury homes at premium locations.


Real estate in Mumbai is already among the most expensive in the world and with valuations rising greatly over time shall become more expensive.

Hence a 1 BHK flat at Nalasopara may be an ideal investment for your grandson or granddaughter which he or she could capitalize on 30 to 40 years in the future.



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