What Started it all in Gurgaon?

Twenty years ago Gurgaon was nothing like it is today, most of golf course road had empty fields on each side and the price for of land there was nearly 10% what it is today.


How things have changed, now Golf Couse Road is one of the most desirable places in the country to live and the cost of 1 apartment on Golf Course Road today is as much as the cost of the land of the entire development on which it is sitting was back then.


When one looks back, what started it all? There was no Golf Course Road, Sohna Road or Golf Course Extension Road 20 years ago, there was not the slightest hint there ever would be. What made Gurgaon Gurgaon? What led Gurgaon to be seriously considered a viable destination for residential developments?

The answer almost certainly is Gurgaon Sector 25, through which MG Road passes today and which has some of the oldest residential properties in Gurgaon.


Flats in Gurgaon at MG Road are among the most expensive in Gurgaon, nearly all the apartments here would be classified under luxury homes. The price of nearly all the apartments in this part of Gurgaon would be at least 2.5 to 3 crores.


Until a few years ago, real estate property in Gurgaon did not get more exclusive then this and some even today may prefer living here rather than at Golf Course Road.

As there are few upcoming properties in Gurgaon which are located at MG Road, to get an idea of the price of a newly build apartment may be difficult.

However, a recently completed project did pique my interest and I found that a newly constructed 3800 square foot 4 BHK flat here would buyers back by over 6 crores. Prices here are comparable to those of top developers in Gurgaon at Golf Course Road.


This should be accepted, MG Road is a far more developed region than Golf Course Road, and it already has a metro line with over 2 metro stations on MG Road itself and has ample greenery nearly everywhere you look.


Of course the Rapid Metro is expected to be completed within a few years and of course it will drive up prices for property on Golf Course Road and eventually other parts of the city which are serviced by the Rapid Metro. There are many new projects in Gurgaon which will gain enormously from the development of the Rapid Metro Line as it passes through their vicinity. This is the intent behind the creation of the Rapid Metro.


However, consider another argument why owing property in Gurgaon at MG Road may have a delicate advantage. While walking down Golf Course Road what is missing is the feeling of being part of a neighborhood, the buildings are built tall and imposing with apartments of titanic specifications; however, each development on Golf Course Road is an island, cut off from the developments nearby.


On MG Road if you wish you can walk from one end to the other and along the same sidewalk you will find the entrance to every other development and each time you happen to walk across one development, the sidewalk gives way to the driveway which invitingly leads into the society, if you choose you may enter and if not the sidewalk begins again taking you perhaps to the next development. All along this sidewalk you will find abundant greenery as you gently stroll by.


Did I mention that Golf Course Road doesn’t even have a proper sidewalk?


residential property in gurgaon


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