Bangalore Hebbal and Malleswaram

If you are keen to own real estate in Bangalore at a location surrounded by modern amenities and great infrastructure, look no further than Hebbal.


Hebbal accounts for a large number of upcoming projects in Bangalore and this neighborhood also has offices of major multinationals like IBM and AstraZeneca located nearby. Despite being a great place to live with many large companies nearby, Hebbal maybe more famous for an elaborate 5-kilometer-long flyover reputed to be the largest in the country.

For many builders in Bangalore, Hebbal is the preferred destination to develop residential real estate as any visitor to the region could see. Although the price of real estate in Hebbal is best suited to the premium buyer it would make a great investment due to areas great location and the close proximity to the international airport.


Real estate trends in this part of Bangalore have been surging upwards over the past 3 years and are now priced over 8000 rupees per square foot, it’s likely they will continue to rise well into the future as demand for property in Bangalore increases.


Much of the new projects in Bangalore can be found at Hebbal, and most of these constructions are sleek with a modern aesthetic look, they are also not inexpensive. A 3 bedroom 2000 square foot apartment at one of these developments is likely to cost nearly 2 crores, a 4 BHK with an even larger carpet area could set you back by over 3.5 crores.


In spite of these clearly upmarket prices, Hebbal is a great place to live. It has everything that modern home owners demand, from great schools and hospitals to restaurants with a cosmopolitan menu. If you are keen to buy property in Bangalore, I’m sure you have come across the name of Hebbal.


Did I mention there is a lake nearby as well?  

For someone who is not necessarily keen to own a home at a location which is urban, slick and detached from tradition, Malleswaram offers a great mix of the traditional and the modern. With many historic temples nearby, Malleswaram reminds us of our traditions and heritage even while we work on the latest cutting edge software or think up next big financial instrument.


As a much desired location, many builders in Bangalore have developments in this part of the city. There is not a shortage of new developments in Malleswaram which can be your new home, at a price since property rates here are close to 12,000 rupees per square foot.


If you are looking for 3 BHK flats in Bangalore and are considering the locality of Malleswaram, it would cost you. Newly constructed three bedroom flats costing upwards of 2.5 crore are common, as are newly constructed 4 BHK flats which cost upwards of 5 crores.

2 BHK flats in Bangalore at an older property in Malleswaram may be more affordable and be great value for money, an 1100 square foot 2-bedroom unit may cost only slightly more than 1 crore and make a great investment in one of the real estate hotspots in the city.



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