Investment in Jaipur property appears as a profitable deal

Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan beholds unsurpassable beauty and restores the precious culture that our country treasures. The city has earned the name of pink city and stands also enjoys the privilege of India’s first planned city. Being a home to various magnificent monuments, the city not only attracts a good number of visitors every year but also great number of real estate investments.


Why should you invest in Jaipur Property?


This is one of the significant reason that has attracted the buyers interest in Jaipur property. Many premium properties in prime locations of Jaipur are available at affordable rates even now, with high probabilities of appreciation in the coming years. While land rates in Gurgaon are sky-rocketing at US$ 800 -1,400 per square yard, the land prices of Jaipur are still trailing in between US$ 175 -1,000 per square yard. On back of affordability, the city attracts investors from different parts of India as well as outside.



  1. High Returns on Investment

A spate of affordable housing in Jaipur significantly boosts the demand. The cultural city not only provides ample affordable living provisions but also offers promising investment options. Combined factors like high rentals, excellent returns on investments, a serene environment, and burgeoning infrastructure makes Jaipur one of the most lucrative investment options among Tier-II Indian cities.


  1. IT Hub

With giant IT companies like Infosys and Wipro entering into the space and setting up their bases in Jaipur, the city is envisaged to be the most sought after IT destination. This has led to significant increase in the demand of Jaipur property attract investments from across the country.


  1. Liberal Government Policies

The liberal government policies play an instrumental role in the real estate market of Jaipur. The policies added fuel in the infrastructural and economic development in the city. The government also provides perks of 100% private investment. Jaipur forms a part of the ‘golden triangle’ along with Delhi and Agra which has significantly boosted the business activities in the city.


  1. Integrated Townships

The development of high-scale and self-contained integrated townships are luring investors from across the world to Jaipur. The urban-styled residences, extravagant shopping complexes, commercial establishments, a 50-acre IT park, awe inspiring five-star hotels, medical facilities, educational establishments, and recreational facilities are the key factors that has led to the high demand of real of residential property in Jaipur.


  1. Property Appreciation

It is seen the rates of residential properties in Jaipur have surged massively in the recent past. The prices went three and four times high in the prime locations. According to the industry experts, the Jaipur Real Estate sector is estimated to grow at a considerable rate of 10 to 15 per cent per year.


  1. Other Key Factors

Education, employment, and tourism are some of the major attractions of Jaipur that tends to attract a good number of investment every year.  Increasing footfall of tourists every year from all across the world has also fostered the business activities in city. Many builders are showcasing their interest with a slew of projects that offers affordable housing in Jaipur. Therefore, it appears as a good deal as prices are likely to appreciate in near future. It is envisaged to fetch excellent returns in future.

real estate projects in jaipur


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