How to Buy Properties in pune

A few kilometers north of Pune is the locality of Bhosri, like many other parts of Pune Bhosri is highly developed and has good infrastructure as well as neat and high quality housing.

If you want to look at properties in Pune Bhosri has more than its share for you to window shop.  With an abundance of 1 and 2 BHK largely priced under 30 lakhs, owing a home at Bhosri is well within the reach of the middle class worker.

The price of property at Bhosri has appreciated only modestly over the last few years, up from approximately 4600 rupees per square feet to 4800 rupees per square feet. Although this low rate of appreciation may make Bhosri a less attractive destination than many other parts of Pune, it does still nevertheless make it a good location to buy a home.


Although luxury apartments in Pune are plentiful, there is hardly any selection of such properties to be found at Bhosri. The overwhelming numbers of developments at Bhosri are targeted by builders in Pune to be sold to the middle class.


Less than 3 kilometers from Bhosri is the township of Dighi,

Like Bhosri, Dighi too caters largely to middle class earners. If you want to buy flats in Pune which cost less than 50 Lakhs, Dighi is overflowing with them. Dighi may have an edge over Bhosri in one respect, the price of real estate at Dighi has appreciated by over 16% in the last 3 years, although this increase has been from a lower base of close of 3600 rupees per square foot it has risen to 4250 rupees per square foot in the last 36 months. If previous trends continue then property prices in Dighi may rise to the same level as the level at Bhosri today.

Situated approximately 4 kilometers away from Dighi lies the locality of Dhanori, as with most localities in this region of Pune, most of the housing here has been made keeping in mind the middle class home buyer.


As in all of the other nearby localities the largest chunk of the properties which have been constructed here are less than 6 or 7 years old.


All of these suburbs indicate that the market for new developments is huge pointing towards a growing trend that is gaining momentum all across the country. It points to a very recent trend that indicates that most future demand for housing in India will consist of the creation of new developments consisting of high rise apartments in new localities which may previously have been barren or consisting of farmland or entirely underdeveloped land.


The purchase of such land by developers will be most likely where new projects in Pune and in most other parts of country will be constructed. This indicates that places as varied as Bhubaneshwar, Guwahati, Indore etc shall at someone time in the future see a similar kind of growth plan, with what are surrounding areas around the cities used to create new developments for inhabitants of these cities.

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