Real estate properties in Pune

If you are looking for real estate in Pune, you may not look any further than Bavdhan. This suburb towards the west of Pune is an abuzz with the construction of residential developments. With 38 new projects under construction in Bavdhan, it would seem builders in Pune are lining up to get in on the action.


With one of the largest communities of 1 BHK flats in Pune, Bavdhan  it seems is positioning itself to attract young people in their 20’s to be its residents.  If you want a 1 BHK flat in Pune at Bavdhan can be your’s for well under 50 lakhs. This is a perfect investment for someone who is young and has an annual income close to 6 lakhs. A 1 BHK flat here would make a perfect first investment for the young and upwardly mobile man, women or even family.

The price of property at Bavdhan is soaring upward, over the past 36 months; prices here have appreciated by over 13%. The price of an apartment at Bavdhan now stands at close to 6200 rupees per square foot, which is quite expensive yet the cost of a 1 BHK flat at 40 to 50 lakhs is still quite affordable.

I don’t mean to make it appear as though Bavdhan only has small properties on sale, there is no dearth of larger luxurious properties available at this locality. These however will almost certainly cost you more than 1 crore if not more. If you have the money and are interested in looking at 3 BHK flats in Pune, definitely give Bavdhan a chance. Here a 2 BHK flat could be yours for little more than 1 crore, and with an area of approximately 1400 square feet you won’t feel cramped in your new tenement.

If you need even more space, then don’t be disappointed, at Bavdhan you can buy a 3300 square foot 4 BHK flat for approximately 2.3 crores. However, the selection of available 4 bedroom flats does not end here, a much larger 6000 square foot 4 BHK property available at Bavdhan would set you back approximately 4 crores. I think we can say that when it comes to luxury flats in Pune, Bavdhan has nearly every other part of the city beat.

The selection at Bavdhan does not end here, for those with money to spend on villas in Pune, the sky is the limit. If you want to buy a huge 5 BHK villa at Bavdhan you can for approximately 9 crores you can be the proud owner of a 12000 square foot home in Pune.

Bavdhan is one of the few places in the city where you can be the proud owner of a 6 BHK villa, if you need the space and have the money you could be the proud owner of a 21500 square foot villa priced at close to 16 crores.

If you want to own property in Pune, Bavdhan is an excellent location to look for your next home. As can be seen, Bavdhan provides housing literally for every segment of homeowner, although not catering to the middle class it does offer attractive homes to young professionals as well as to those who are further ahead in their careers and even some homes targeted towards the ultra-rich segment.

residential properties in Pune


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