Gurgaon At sohna Road

There is one name which is abuzz in many parts of Gurgaon, this is Sohna Road. Many claim that it is where the next boom in property will occur in Gurgaon and that if you want to buy property in Gurgaon Sohna Road is where you should bet your money.


What makes Sohna Road so special is that it is in Gurgaon and is relatively well connected to Delhi via the NH8; it is also easily accessible by the rest of Gurgaon. Even though much of Sohna Road is already priced beyond the reach of most middle class families, there are still a few pockets of real estate where middle income professionals can invest their money.  If you are keen to own a 1 BHK flat in Gurgaon, then you may still be able to get in on the action at Sector 68 near Sohna Road if you have 30 to 40 lakhs.


Sohna Road may not exactly be the most desirable destination for budget housing; in fact, if you are keen to see luxury apartments in Gurgaon, then Sohna Road is the preferred location for home buyers. The vast majority of the housing on Sohna Road qualifies as luxury housing with some apartments already priced at 5 crores or above and this before they have been completed.


Property in Gurgaon is nothing if not expensive and Sohna Road clearly illustrates this, with almost no new development with apartments priced below 1 crore, developers know that they can sell such properties even while many say there is slump in real estate.


For the most part prices at Sohna Road have been falling over the past few years, while at 9,700 rupees per square foot a few years ago; today they stand at approximately 8,400 rupees per square foot.  However even this is priced quite high and though there has been a significant fall in prices of property at Sohna Road, prices have still not fallen to where middle class investors or even upper middle class investors can comfortably buy a home and almost certainly they will never be within the reach of the middle class homebuyer.


An added advantage to purchase a home on Sohna road is the fact that much of the properties under construction are being built not just by some of the top builders in Gurgaon but the top builders in the world. The names of such builders quickly spring to mind when looking at the who’s who of developers in the country, many of the names rank among the best in the world and the developments under construction have some features one would expect from a top class builder. For example, a certain development under construction on Sohna Road offers homebuyers the luxury of central air conditioning, a feature lacking in many of the developments even on Golf Course Road.


Many new projects in Gurgaon are under construction on Sohna Road; however, the perspective home buyer should note that after reaching a peak in June 2013 prices for property have been steadily falling since in Gurgaon, hence this is a great time to buy new property in Gurgaon yet only as far as we can be sure that the market has reached the bottom.


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