Exclusivity in Mumbai

Home to the tallest buildings in the country, Mumbai has more high rise buildings than any other city in India, by far. The same high rises are also often home to many of Mumbai’s wealthy residents.

Owning a home at any one of such high rises is exorbitant. Such a home would undoubtedly run into several crores if not tens of crores, to own such property in Mumbai undoubtedly requires you to be a multimillionaire several times over.


Moreover, often even if you have the money you may still not be able to buy a home at such upscale buildings. Why? It turns out that some such developments are invitation only, which means that you can only buy a home there if the developer or the residents of the building consider you important enough and invite to buy a home there. Such is the snobbery of some of the luxury apartments in Mumbai.


These projects known as invitation only projects do not simply judge on the basis of how much money you have. An individual may have millions and more millions on top of that, yet still not be deemed eligible to become a resident of such elite developments. An individual’s social rank plays a very important as well if they are to be eligible to own a property at such developments.


The cost of such apartments in Mumbai could be as high as 30 to 50 crores, but those who are considered eligible to own their own home such developments almost never need to worry about the price tag of the residence. For them the cost of the home would be of secondary concern, to be considered eligible to own a home at such an exclusive location itself entails that the cost of the residence is secondary. To be considered eligible to own the property is of primary importance.


This is almost certainly snobbery, it’s like the kids in high schools who only hung around with each other and were part of the group everyone else wanted to join and the group everyone loved to discuss. We thought those days were behind us and now that we are adults we would be judged simply on our achievements and professional success, it would seem not so, we still need to have a high social rank to be able to live in certain exclusive enclaves with others who have also earned the same distinction. It appears that some luxury flats in Mumbai have slipped past the reach of many of us.


So where does this leave the rest of us? Well we should not feel disheartened; this is simply another attempt to create exclusivity and to create a new market niche to pander to when selling luxury apartments in Mumbai.


It may be in poor taste in a county where the vast majority lives in poverty with poor access to basic civic services. Yet the new mantra of our age is certainly to flaunt it if you have it and though the individuals who are likely to live at such exclusive haunts may not necessarily need to flaunt it, having crossed that threshold years ago, they certainly need to be pampered and looked up to.


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