Bangalore And Nightlife

If you are in Bangalore and want to have a good time at night, can you? Yes, you most certainly can, the cities nightlife rivals that of other cities known to be party destinations namely Mumbai and Delhi.

Bangalore at night is a bustling place with neon lights and a carnival atmosphere in the air. It has been so for almost as long as most citizens of Bangalore can remember. This was so even 20 years ago and since then the cities nightlife and party atmosphere have both gained in reputation but not necessarily in notoriety. The citizens of the city are far too cultured to let themselves become rowdy and unruly. As a matter of fact, Bangalore is a relatively safe city for women as well, more so when compared to cities such as Delhi.


Wow, a great nightlife combined with safety for women as well! It seems Bangalore has it all, but does it? How much do you need to shell out to live in this Shangri-La? Well that’s the possible downside, living here is not cheap but still within the means of those who work in the cities IT sector, such individuals are often less affected by the rising property rates in Bangalore.


So what are the rates of property in Bangalore? Well they have been rising steadily over the past few years to the point that the average cost of an apartment at Bangalore now stands at nearly 4800 rupees per square foot which is comparable to the rates of certain developments in Gurgaon. When eyeballing this rate keep in mind that it is the average rate for property in Bangalore, there is no shortage of flats in Bangalore that are priced much higher than this average although I would be wrong to say that there are a larger number that are priced much lower. The lower bound price can only go so low, yet it would seem the higher bound price can go much higher simply because 4,800 has a lot more realistic valuations for real estate that are greater than the number than those lower than it. For example, you could probably find a development at Bangalore where flats are priced at 9600 rupees per square foot with much greater ease than you could for apartments where the cost is 1,000 rupees per square foot.  The realistic valuations for flats in Bangalore that cost significantly more than 4800 rupees per square foot has a much greater possible range than realistic valuations for flats that cost less than 4800 rupees per square foot.


So where does this leave you pertaining to partaking in the fabulous nightlife Bangalore has to offer? Well the good news is that like in any city, you need not own property to live Bangalore. You could enjoy all the charms and sights of the city without actually owing your own home in the city. Keep in mind however you many need to shift more than once in the city if you are a renter as the largest percentage of homebuyers in Bangalore tend to be those who purchase a home with the intend to live in it. So if and when they move to the city you may have to vacate their apartment and look for another one. Of course there will be a lease but I would not expect it to be of a longer duration than 1 year, so if you intend to live in the city for longer than a few years, you may need to shift residences with in the city a few times.



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