Septuagenarian’s in Pune

The weather in Pune is fabulous all year round, and surrounding the city there is greenery and a great deal of forest. Pune has always ranked high among retirees as a place to spend their golden years. The city has many elements which make it an ideal place to settle down after many years of service with either the private or public sector.


So what may you ask Pune possesses that is the right mix fancied by so many retiree?  Well the mix is just right just like Goldilocks Soup. Pune is not too large, not too small, well connected, not too expensive but still has everything the elderly and indeed everyone needs such as access to high quality health care, markets, and of course good quality housing for retirees.

Well, all of the above are facts but what makes Pune an attractive destination for retires is the fact that it deliberately attracts senior citizens to spend their golden years here. There are residential projects in Pune specially built to house to senior citizens keeping their requirements and needs in mind. These can be found at Pune localities such as Aundh, Chakan and many others localities many of which lie on the periphery of the city.


Pune is also an attractive destination for retirees to settle down because until recently it did not have the big town feel or atmosphere of cities like Mumbai and New Delhi with their constant hustle and hectic lifestyle. Life in Pune was still relatively slow and even paced and did not make too many demands on its citizens. I used the words “until recently” because Pune is in an inchoate state of blossoming into a full blown metropolis catering to the young and shunning the elderly.


Real Estate in Pune is becoming more expensive making the city a less attractive destination for retirees to settle down at. Like Goldilocks Soup, one of the reasons senior citizens found Pune to be an attractive retirement destination was that property in Pune, until several years ago, was not too expensive, this is gradually become less true. A solid example of how Pune is tilting towards pandering to the young can be gauged by the number of new luxury apartments in Pune. Most such apartments are intended solely to house the young, not the elderly.  Retirees don’t want to buy luxury houses to live in; they instead expect good quality housing that is not too expensive, only the young and flashy intend to live in luxury residences.


Perhaps such a turn for the city was inevitable due to its close proximity to Mumbai, the financial hub of the country, and the fact that it was known as an education hub even 2 decades ago. Pune has nearly completed the transformation from an idyllic tranquil town to a bustling city and an important center of commerce. The young love the city and the elderly no longer wish to spend their twilight years here, perhaps it only goes to show that when the young claim something as their own, the elderly have no choice but to projects in pune


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