Nizams and Techies

Hyderabad may have been ruled by the Nizams, today however the city has another ruling roost namely the techies. Sure they may not make policy decisions, yet, but in almost any other respect they are the crème de la crème of Hyderabadi society and indeed most other societies in India.


However, what really makes a techie stand out among his peers is whether the concerned techie is also an MBA. That is the ultimate combination or the killer app so to speak. A techie from a top institute may know technology, but that doesn’t mean he/she knowns how to be a leader, to prove themselves worthy of such a role he or she must earn an MBA degree. Now a techie in Hyderabad need not leave town to do so, they can earn a degree from arguably the best institute in the country without leaving Hyderabad.


So does that mean that Hyderabad really does have it all? It does seem so to the outside observer, it may have the best business school, some of the best engineering colleges in the country and it even has Film City, Bollywood’s southern rival. What may however give Hyderabad an advantage is the real estate in Hyderabad which is substantially more affordable than real estate in many other major Indian cities.

Property in Hyderabad is affordable. Now “affordable” when used pertaining to property may conjure up images of cramped 2 bedroom apartments in Hyderabad, but I intend the word to convey simply its positive connotation. Apartments in Hyderabad are affordable means that they are reasonably priced; many don’t yet require the payment of huge EMI’s associated with properties in cities like Mumbai and at the same time such properties are attractive and most importantly comfortable to live in. Although there is no shortage of affordable housing in Hyderabad, most of the techies live in more upmarket developments where they have all the modern amenities a resident in a plush society in Gurgaon would have.


An abundance of such developments at localities such as Hitech city and Gachibowli means an ever rising standard of living for the residents of Hyderabad, the construction of sleek and modern apartments in Hyderabad is a first for a city which may have only witnessed the advent of such new form of architecture in the past three decades. The invasion of Hyderabad’s skyline by high-rises is not too different a phenomenon than what is occurring in many other cities in the country and has been completed in one or two. Yet this change as unpleasant as it may seem to some today must be accommodated and acquiesced to as over the long run it is likely to change the landscape of the entire country for the better lifting millions if not tens of millions out of poverty and in the process refining our culture and bringing forth new forms of expression from the citizens of India.


The rapid march forward occurring all across the country is not too different from what occurred in western nations over 100 years ago and needless to say we shall experience growing pains, yet at the end may stand a proud glimmering nation lacking both poverty and ignorance among the masses.

If the demand for luxury apartments in Hyderabad is any indication, the country seems to wholeheartedly embrace western emancipation from superstition or prejudice to try and built a future of greater opportunity, we may never reach the elusive goal of a utopia yet our striving towards such an ideal may bring forth greater opportunity to many of today’s have not’s.

In the future the children of todays unskilled laborers may be techies who have earned an MBA from the top business school of Hyderabad and who live in what then would be one of the cities hundreds of luxury developments.residential apartments in Hyderabad


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