Owing Property in gurgaon can Transforms Lives

As recently as fifteen years ago, much of Gurgaon was barren agricultural land, where today one can see a metro line being constructed, at the turn of the century one would have seen fields with little or no crops and few if any buildings. The Golf Course Road today is a prime real estate destination today, where once there was barren land, today there are luxury high rise apartments. Such has been the advent of development in Gurgaon and the commensurate rise in the price of property in Gurgaon too has been breathtaking.


All this rapid progress has not been lost on the older residents of Gurgaon, people who lived in Gurgaon when it still a village marvel at the transformation that has occurred in the city and some lament not having been prudent enough to take advantage of the transformation which in hindsight seems to have been inevitable. The rising value of flats in Gurgaon has changed the fortunes of families who bought them more than two decades ago, such families may never have anticipated the extent of their good fortune when they bought their home; today many such families have been able to send their children overseas to study using their home as collateral for a student loan. Such a struck of good luck would may never have befallen them had they not bought flats in Gurgaon at a time when the region’s future as a real estate destination was more certain.


The rapid change in The Millennium City has not been lost even on those who only visit here sporadically. Americans and Europeans who have been undertaking business trips to the region for decades comment favorably on the transformation they have witnessed in Gurgaon over the years.  Such business travelers who often mingle at the best hotels in the city; the price of property in Gurgaon is often the subject of discussion, as is their feeling of disappointment at their inability to have partaken in the good fortunes of the city.


Many of those today who own Residential projects in Gurgaon have in effect created something that shall endure for generations with their families. The properties they own shall most likely serve their children well in the future not only as a residence but also as an instrument to borrow money should the need ever arise. In effect the people who bought flats in Gurgaon have created wealth for their children and grandchildren, selling such residences may one day elicit the same stigma as that experienced by a village land owner forced to part with his land.


Another advantage of owing property in Gurgaon is simply the great opportunity Gurgaon offers to those who dwell here. Some of the best schools in the country are in Gurgaon and across the border in Delhi can be found the best colleges and universities in India. Living here a family can prosper for generations to come.


No one can have foresight about the future all the time and what holds true in one instance may not necessarily be repeated in another, however as much of the property in Gurgaon has changed the fortunes of many families in the country making them more prosperous and perhaps even happier, so too there may be likely others parts of the country that have the potential to transform the lives of others. However being prescient of such localities and regions is a difficult game and leads many to misjudge and err.

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