Environmental bonus of property in Pune

One of the most attractive features of Pune lies outside the city. The city is surrounded by lush greenery which residents of the city often visit during the weekends. Pune’s residents are lucky to be surrounded by such an abundance of nature from all sides; living in such picturesque surroundings may even drive someone living in Mumbai mad with envy.


Often on holidays and weekends if one were to venture towards the outskirts of the city they would find teams of people trekking among the hills and basking in nature’s bounty. Having such attractive scenery in its surrounding areas adds great value to residents of Pune while at the same time contributing towards, as yet difficult to calculate, a premium value for property in Pune.


While most other large cities in India are heavily polluted and cause harm to numerous families due to poor health resulting in reduced lifespan and higher medical expenses, Pune is large enough to provide everything a modern city dweller needs without the menace of ghastly pollution to dampen your health and your enjoyment out of  life.


This makes owning 2 bhk flats in Pune a great idea indeed. Many homes in large Indian cities now have what looks like a giant speaker but is in fact an air purifier. Such appliances are deemed necessary by residents of these cities as these individuals have a hectic lifestyle with great commitments to family and friends and cannot afford to fall ill. Such an appliance is not only costly but its effectiveness is also questioned by many. Yet many feel they cannot afford to take a chance and purchase something which today may be akin to purchasing snake oil from a snake oil salesman.


Those living in Pune not only may not have any use for such a device, but if they have not traveled recently to Delhi or Mumbai most likely are unaware that such a device even exists. Hence those who own property in Pune and have lived in the city for some time may not only have more disposable income in hand than those living in larger cities but are also likely to live longer and have fewer visits to a doctor for respiratory ailments as well.


This almost certainly makes Pune one of the best cities in the country to live in. While according to an official report thousand if not hundreds of thousands are expected to die in the most densely polluted cities in the country due to air pollution over the next few decades, residents of Pune will enjoy what may amount to a far higher standard of living which almost certainly means that Residential projects in Pune is too likely to remain highly coveted by outsiders.

Not only should this make us want to live in the city but should make us want to actively seek residential projects in Pune with the best surrounding air quality. Doing this shall enable us to live in one of the least polluted major cities in the country and if we find a suitable property in Pune, to live at the heart of the least polluted region of this least polluted major city.  new projects in pune1


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