Luxury Apartments in Chennai Serving Needs of Disabled

One of the more remarkable transformations occurring in many cities across the country is the gradual change being made to better accommodate the differently abled. The differently abled are those who may not have all of the abilities most of us take for granted. I don’t mean that most of us have any kind of superpowers; I simply mean that the world around us has been built to best suit the need of most of us.

The differently abled are just like the rest of us except that they may have difficulty getting around town with more difficulty than the rest of us do. They unfortunately may have to travel in a wheelchair or perhaps use crutches; however this creates great difficulty in their lives as one would naturally expect. Duplex flats in Chennai , So in many parts of the world infrastructure has been designed to enable the differently abled. For instance in some countries buses have a miniature lift using which a differently abled individual may enter the vehicle with ease, in addition most buses there have a an area of the bus where the occupant of the wheelchair may sit in comfort in their wheelchair without being bothered by the motion of the bus.


Until about 20 years ago much of the infrastructure in the country was not very friendly when it came to serving such special individuals. Individuals in wheelchairs were surrounded by obstacles everywhere they went and had no recourse but to be either carried up a flight of stairs by a care giver or to not enter the premises. Today in many of the larger cities such individuals have a slightly greater level of comfort getting around, thought anyone reading this article who has a loved one in the family (perhaps a grandparent that is confined to a wheelchair) knows just how difficult it can still be for them even today. I’m not saying that we have started to undertake huge infrastructure projects to cater to the need of those who need special care, far from it. Yet the gradual appearance of ramps alongside staircases at many locations apt to be visited by such individuals is growing, many properties in Chennai have opportunities allowing individuals in wheel chairs to enter homes with ease.


Most of the luxury apartments in Chennai too have ramps as well a valet in an elevator to provide assistance to those who may need it, as is the case in highest end developments across the country. Nothing can be more degrading to a differently abled individual than to arrive at a hospital and being confronted by an unsurmountable flight of stairs with no other recourse than to be carried up the flight of stairs by an able someone. It betrays common sense for so many hospitals and clinics all across the country to not provide easy access to those who visit them, especially when those who visit are most likely to be in need of some sort of assistance.


True many hospitals all across the country from Shillong to Baroda and Shimla to Coimbatore have ramps but a very great number still do not which is nearly tragic; it indicates that many such institutes of care may care about nothing more than making a buck.

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