Property in Ahmedabad the 5th Most polluted City in India

There may be storm clouds ahead for the city of Ahmedabad. The storm clouds though may be unburned hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide interacting with sunlight resulting in the city being covered in smog. Whatever be the price of progress, surely unlivable cities is not one worth paying. The city of Ahmedabad is now the 5th most polluted in the country and despite the healthy cost of property in Ahmedabad the cost of living in the city may not be worth it for some.


How is it that a culture that nearly equates nature with the divine has turned it back on its values to wholeheartedly embrace foreign values of which it knows nearly nothing, values the originators themselves know little about.

It is indeed not completely unlike the moment of the first nuclear test in history when scientists had unleashed the nuclear genie and which once released could not be put back in the bottle. We live daily with the repercussions of that event nearly 70 years on, the majority of which time most in the world wondered about the likelihood of mutually assured destruction as two superpowers armed with nuclear weapons faced off. Today the same threat remains alive in the form of the bomb finding its way into the hands of extremists.


The danger from industrial gasses and carbon emissions is a far more subtle and slow acting problem which some today even debate the validity of. However most agree that the end result of the release of gases into the atmosphere will in likelihood be not too dissimilar from that which we thought we had avoided after the end of the cold war.  In the end our planet may become uninhabitable for human life.


Regardless of what happens in the future many are paying the ultimate price today. Though people in the prosperous state of Gujarat continue to buy property in Ahmedabad, being attracted to the city for the opportunities it presents, some may find the hard way that to by owing real estate property in Ahmedabad they paid a price that was far in excess of what they intended to.


This to some may sound like fearmongering, but the facts bear out. Many geologists and climatologists have already coined a new term for our epoch in order to separate it from earlier ones. Whereas the time of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago was termed the Jurassic, our inchoate epoch too has a term separating it from the previous epoch. Our current epoch is very recent, beginning only a few decades ago when humans began to alter the planets ecosystem drastically by releasing greenhouse gasses and other pollutants into the atmosphere. We are drastically changing the planet and nobody knows where it will lead to.


I would still say that the top builders in Ahmedabad will make lots of profits in the future; they shall continue to build property in Ahmedabad and school their children in Shimla or Switzerland. Their customers, the ones who actually buy property in Ahmedabad to live at, may in the long run pay a heavy price.


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