Real estate in Pune Surpasses property in Mumbai

Property in Pune has lured the developers and brokers since past one decade because of its numerous benefits. Pune has been one of the few cities which has not been affected to much by the recent slump in the real estate sector.  One of the most significant reason that has spurred the demand of real estate in Pune is the sky rocketing prices of Mumbai. Pune has emerged as a preferred location for most of the investors and buyers. Despite Mumbai economically being the most important city in India, Pune has succeeded to capture more traction amongst the buyers.

Captured below are the reasons in detail that has led to the demand of real estate in Pune.

Pune, the preferred city

Pune is touted to be one of the most well developed cities in the state of Maharashtra. The city host several IT firms, blue chip companies and multinational corporations. A good number of acclaimed colleges and universities, and a well-planned and equally well executed infrastructure that makes the city a great option for anyone who wants to buy a house in the city.

The city has undergone a significant transformation in the past few decades, and has built up an enviable infrastructure. Well planned roads, easy availability of every kind of property, and ample of lucrative job options in the city have made Pune the most sought after destination. Every year a good number of young professionals migrate to this city from every corner of the country in search of better job opportunities and a good life. Pune makes a great option for anyone who wishes to buy a home, but is unable to afford the overpriced properties in Mumbai. Dozens of leading developers offer housing projects that range from low cost affordable apartments and houses, to super luxury villas and condos.


Captured below are the key reasons that has accelerated the demand of Residential properties in Pune.

A solid infrastructure: Pune possesses a robust and well-planned infrastructure that has been developed and implemented by the development authorities. One will never face gridlock and flooding issues in the city, which is a common sight in Mumbai. The developers have gone to great length to ensure that the residents or buyers enjoy ample of free space and great amenities within the housing complexes.


Growing job market: The real estate market of a city is largely fuelled by the kind of people who move to the city. Pune saw its initial burst of growth after several IT and other blue chip companies entered into the space with an intention to set up their bases in Pune. Residential projects in Pune is expected to grow in the near future as well due to the presence of several good companies and burgeoning industrialization.


Lifestyle quotient and the good weather – The city enjoys a vibrant lifestyle with presence of several malls, multiplexes and various other fun and entertainment avenues. The city also makes an amazing holiday gateway. Khandala, Lavasa, Lonavala and many other awe inspiring hill stations is located in close proximity. And not to mention the awesome weather all-round the year with soft drizzles bewitches one and all.

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