Luxury housing in Gurgaon

Irrespective of building commercial or residential spaces, Gurgaon has emerged out to be one of the urban cities in India that has raised an empire of its own. This city is not only a hub for commercial properties but has also established some remarkable residential properties that are completely worth your money. Although many analysts believe that the time is not quite right to invest in real estate, the growing demands for luxury housing in this area has a different story to tell.


Undoubtedly, real estate has always been the most sought-after asset monetization, based on the kind of returns it has delivered in the past. Apart from the much hyped city Gurgaon, areas such as Noida Extension and complete NCR region has received record breaking bookings since past few years. However, untimely possession of a few projects has landed developers in trouble and made people switch over a different source of saving their money.


A few of the luxury projects in Gurgaon have attracted buyers from all across the country and this is the reason builders are now trying to make new properties as early as possible. According to the recent findings, the absorption rate in Gurgaon is slowing but is still the highest in the country as compared to other major cities.


One thing that is for sure is the increase in prices of properties in Gurgaon. With some high-end commercial spaces being built these days, demand for residential buildings is also on a rise. Since the city is still under an ample amount of development and construction, people have already started booking spaces in order to reserve a space. Often addressed as the “gold mine” of the NCR region, the city has a lot to offer to its clients.


Apart from some of the rich people of this area, many other are also considering to invest their money and see it turning out to be a beneficial deal in future. A sudden boom in Indian realty is being observed and that is the reason owning a property brings a sense of pride and freedom among individuals.



Several factors such as location, basic amenities, neighborhood, etc., should always be taken into account before investing your money. However, with luxury projects being built one after the other, the problem of finding a perfect property has now been somewhat solved. Even with all the real estate advices and websites, one can make mistake during the whole process. Here are a few of the points to mark off your checklist-

  • Research about developers
  • Property insurance
  • Basic facilities such as water supply and electricity
  • Legal advice from a reliable and experienced lawyer
  • Current market situation
  • Additional costs and connectivity with basic modes of transport
  • Loan eligibility and a good resale value

Apart from the aforementioned points, one should always look out for a trustworthy builder first. Some of the major renowned names have already made their way into the real estate sector of Gurgaon. With these developments, one thing is for sure that the luxury space in this city is here to stay and would allure potential buyers to invest their money.



top builders in gurgaon1top builders in gurgaon1


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