A complementary growth Model to Propel Property in Noida

It may already be a foregone conclusion that property in Noida shall in the future house largely mid segment homebuyers. The vibrant city which is connected to Delhi by a posh DND toll has become a second rung IT destination in the country. In the future much of the best property in Noida shall be older developments and newer developments shall be built keeping in mind the market for budget homes. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be any new luxury apartments in Noida, certainly there will be some, however the larger trend points to a city which may over time evolve into something akin to a ghetto with small flats closely packed together in developments that are themselves cramped and stuffy.


This does not need to be so, Residential property in Noida needs to be jumpstarted and new technologies on the frontier of science can provide lucrative prospects that may lead to huge inflows of investment into the suburb of Delhi. One such technology, widely regarded as the next great frontier, is known today by many by the phrase “fast charging batteries”. The development and sales of such batteries in the future shall likely give birth to the next great startup which goes on to be listed on a stock exchange with an initial public offering that will turn it’s investors and founders into billionaires overnight. There has been a great deal of debate in the recent past over the countries adoption of software development as an engine of growth while neglecting the other side of the coin, namely the hardware side of the business. Whereas the southern part of the country may specialize in developing world class software, companies in regions of the country such as Noida may steer their core competencies away from software to concentrate on hardware instead.


A fresh take on hardware by investors in India is likely to pay huge dividends and fast charging batteries are very likely to be a winning bet simply because they are so essential to the wide array of electronic gizmos which have been adopted by society. As has been said “necessity is the mother of invention” and this shall certainly prove to be true once such batteries permeate out smartphones and mobile devices. With no shortage of space, builders in Noida may easily construct a large research facility at which to create unique technologies that make it to market. With as yet no shortage of skilled manpower and professionals in the city with advanced degrees abundant, hiring quality staffers which likely live in luxury apartments in Noida to work on the “next big thing” should prove to be a breeze. No one should doubt the tremendous potential of such a technology, the fulfillment of the goal of which shall have wider ranging applications than even many today imagine. With self-driving cars currently being developed by some of the biggest corporations in the world, the company which successfully develops batteries which can be charged in seconds shall likely find itself in a windfall once self-driving electric cars become common.


The future use of such self-driving cars is not meant only for the wealthy, rather the intent is to reimagine the automobile and change the way people get from one place to the other. Even those who can currently only afford to live in affordable housing in Noida, if all goes according to plan, shall have their own self driving car within a decade or two. Due to the emission of carbon dioxide by automobiles which are fueled by hydrocarbons much of the environment is in perilous danger, relegating new technologies only to the wealthy shall negate the development of such technologies which are being created to greatly ease the burden on the environment and hence must be widely distributed among the world’s citizens.


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