Civic Indifference May Lead to Unlivable Flats in noida Extension

For certain households which bought flats in Noida Extension there is likely to be future angst as although many such new developments are under construction and some are ready to be occupied, the lack of basic physical infrastructure such as roads makes these developments uninhabitable. That such problem still exist in a part of the country which is considered urban and the cynosure for many Indians who dream of owning a home here is incredulous. Property in Greater Noida though still largely considered affordable, still carries with it a certain exclusiveness as well as glamour as the region is a part of the NCR, one of the wealthiest regions of the country.

Many families who purchased 2 BHK flats in Greater Noida a few years ago are likely to be greatly disappointed by the relatively poor condition of the civic infrastructure surrounding their new homes. It is estimated that to accommodate such a large number of new residents into the units which are being built, certain parts of Greater Noida shall require a massive overhaul in basic infrastructure such as roads and the addition of additional civic amenities such as water supply and power. Authorities in Noida Extension (which is now widely referred to as Greater Noida) in their inability to meet the most basic requirements of home owners are displaying a callous disregard for the citizens who wish to make a home in Noida Extension. Almost certainly when tens of such new projects in Noida Extension were under construction the Noida authorities must have had some idea of the condition of the physical infrastructure in the region, furthermore builders in Noida Extension should have alerted the concerned authorities regarding the woefully inadequate state of infrastructure surrounding the upcoming projects in Noida Extension as such projects were nearing completion.


The presence of such mismanagement does not bring forth only a lack communication between builders in Noida and the authorities concerned with the development of civic amenities to residents. It is not only the builders concern to let authorities know of the developments under construction, as a matter of fact the authorities already know the number of developments under construction and the number of residents they are expected to house as permission for the same has been granted by such government departments. What is lacking is initiative to cater to the wellbeing of future residents many of whom are buying a home for the first time; a complacency within government departments with a disregard to completing assigned tasks in the absence of significant payouts by real estate developers in Noida may play a partial role in the sloppy state of infrastructure at Noida Extension.


The sorry state of affairs with regards to habitable property at Greater Noida is unlikely to be have been visible had not the vast majority of such new developments not been mid segments apartments, the likelihood of thousands of upcoming luxury apartments in Noida facing similar circumstances is dim as many of those with interests in the project are likely to be among the power elite who would take steps to ensure that the property under construction is ready for occupation as scheduled. The scenario described above seems more opportune to regions of Sub Saharan Africa than at an upcoming economic superpower with an increasingly consumer conscious populous.


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