highlights of gurgaon and Noida Realty Market

The primary purpose of investing in a property is to fetch maximum returns out of it in future. So, one has to be very careful investing in any property and analyze each and every aspect very carefully before taking any final call.


Important factors that should be considered while buying a property


Location is the most important factor in property investment. Good location always ensures you with higher returns. Location that boasts of a good social and physical infrastructure is not only good for end users but also investors who are buying the property for re sale. It is also good to invest in a growing area with tremendous development potential.



It is always advisable to check your budget and do a thorough analysis of all the additional costs involved in investment along with the base payment amount. It is better not to stretch your budget or to burn a hole in pocket in order to purchase a property.


Gurgaon and Noida has emerged as two lucrative destinations in National Capital Region for real estate investment. A good number of developers and prospective buyers are showcasing their keen interest in both the satellite cities.  This report aims to capture the highlights of both the cities.

While Noida hosts a plethora of Indian and international IT and manufacturing companies, Gurgaon has emerged as one of the preferred destinations for at least half the Fortune 500 companies by October 2013.


Infrastructure Developments

Both the satellite cities have seen massive growth in both residential and commercial infrastructures. There was never an instance when demand has beaten the supply.


Gurgaon has significantly came up the curve with thousands of residential skyscrapers with state of the art infrastructure and ultra modern look. But what makes Gurgaon less attractive is the lack of maintenance with poor and broken roads that often results in traffic woes. On the contrary, Noida boasts of a robust infrastructure with proper and wide roads, better water treatment facilities, better public transport and most importantly the basic residential facilities in sectors. The city is well planned and offers excellent living conditions.


Infrastructure and connectivity

Noida holds an upper hand when it comes to infrastructure and connectivity. The major highlight of both the cities it is close proximity to Delhi.  Both the satellite cities are well connected to Delhi which increases the attractiveness of both.  The major difference between the two is Noida has various exits for Delhi, while Gurgaon is connected to Delhi by one straight approach. The significant reason behind this difference is Noida running parallel to Delhi and Gurgaon being comparatively far from the capital.


Gurgaon touted to be the “millennium city ” emerges as one of the most sought destinations for investors. Noida is mostly dominated by the end-users owing to its well maintained roads and the tranquil living it offers. The sky rocketing property prices in Gurgaon makes it an expensive buy while Noida appears affordable for mid-segment buyers.  It been observed that Gurgaon has demonstrated more appreciation than Noida over the past few years. But in the long run Noida showcases better prospects of returns than Gurgaon, but regulations could be a hassle. 4 bhk flats in Noida still faces issues with real estate acquisitions Gurgaon’s real estate in noida acquisition policy has been the most advanced in the entire country. So, be very precarious before investing in any property to cherish a wonderful realty investment experience.

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