Top 5 Indian Cities to Invest for your Next Real Estate Venture

“Buy on the fringe and wait. Buy land near a growing city! Buy real estate when other people want to sell. Hold what you buy!”~John Jacob Astor

When we talk about real estate, the first thing that pops into the mind is its location. People living in India are blessed with various investment options and this trend is becoming out to be a profitable one. The metropolitan cities are riding high on the real estate developments and that is the reason investors are choosing these cities over other areas. There are approximately eight locations in India that are providing good return on investments and have entered into the ‘top real estate cities list’.


Let’s take a look at the current market value of these cities: –

Noida/Greater Noida

This region of the country has become an underdog with its slow performance in the beginning of real estate era. With recent developments and impressive city structure, Noida has become one of the most profitable cities to invest these days. Both buyers as well as developers are betting their money on this location as they are already aware that it is going to yield remarkable profits in coming years.



Also known as the dream city of India, Mumbai never fails to disappoint when it comes to real estate market. The city has shown tremendous growth and that is largely because of a well-planned approach towards real estate property. The city has numerous options for seasoned as well as first time buyers by offering them a wide array of properties. Mumbai is well-known for its infrastructure of residential and commercial properties as well.



Lagging behind in its initial years of development, Ahmedabad is one such city that has introduced new trends and challenges in the real estate sector in India. The city has come a long way with its fast-paced and organized expansion process. Apart from that, a rapid government investment in the city has made it quite popular among the realty who’s who. Several other industry verticals such as oil & gas and automobile have also contributed to make the city a definite hit among investors.



The manufacturing and service sectors of Pune along with its job generation rate have made the city a feasible option for developers and potential buyers. After witnessing steady appreciation over the last five years, Pune has no plans to slow down. Many large players are entering the market with luxurious home projects in the city and that is the prime reason behind its furious realty development.



Being known as the IT arm of the country, Bangalore has not only gathered much appreciation but also proved that a city can be good at both the commercial as well as residential housing options.  With the government promoting the high-paced infrastructure development of the city, it has nothing to hold it back.


After getting a sneak peek into the market situation of these cities, it is going to be an easier task to pick out your favorite destination. With a lot in their plates, these cities have a potential to develop more and enhance the real estate in india share of the country.

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