Why Other Countries need to watch out for India’s Realty Sector

Real Estate in India is on the verge of unstoppable development and the new policies have made the market safer than ever. While there has been a slowdown in the activities of real estate over the past few years, the market has now found restoration with regulatory reforms. As prices are stabilizing, the year 2016 can prove out to be a beneficial time for buyers as well as developers. Before taking realty plunges again, developers are also making sure that they are investing at a time when the market is ready for the project. With these regulations and measures taken by developers in India, real estate is going to be an interesting marketplace to make decisions.


Slow and steady recovery

While there have been a handful of moments when real estate in India saw economic development, there have also been moments when it was shoved aside. Continuous competition and market penetration have made the realty sector more confusing for buyers in particular. Whenever there was an announcement of new projects, it got immediately scrapped due to certain reasons. However, with the present scenario, there are hopes for the market to perform well even with the other fellow competitors.


The real estate market is also expected to take a sharp turn from an investor-driven to an end-user driven circle. There are certain situations when customers are delaying their home-buying plans as they have been witnessing a tricky market condition as well. While the buyers figure out their preference, the commercial end of the market has picked up pace and there is now immense growth in this sector also.


There is no denying the fact that foreign investments have been driving the market of real estate in India but that is not the only reason, which will keep the money flowing. On the other hand, this is the time when builders need to tighten their grip on new projects and prevent any situation of unsold inventories that have happened in the past. There are plenty of reasons why realty sector was falling behind and one of them is the increasing number of incomplete projects. In order to improve old mistakes, builders have been investing their capital to offer affordable properties to consumers. Not just this, the discounts and offered earlier have also been improved so that it appears out to be beneficial for both the parties.


While everyone is talking about the Real Estate Bill and Housing for All by 2022, it is very important to note whether it would be able to fulfill the current demands of real estate sector in India. Knowing that the market has been tough and unpredictable, builders are in for a challenge. However, in the current situation it would not be wrong to quote that the government is doing its bit to promote real estate business in India. Driving by the demand of consumers, the expected market is going to showcase a number of new projects that are affordable and luxurious as well.


Once called the slum of real estate property, India is now counted among one of the most profitable markets in the world and without a doubt the time is right to invest!




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