Internet Connectivity across the Country Starting at Property in Noida

Networking has paid huge dividends to those who own property in Noida as well as property in other large cities where high-speed internet is commonplace. Today more than ever, more and more Indian students are heading overseas for their education, either for a basic graduation degree or to pursue more advanced degrees. The primary means by which such young people remain in touch with relatives is usually with the aid of high-speed networking technology which syncs with software enabling family and friends to see each other in real time and have a conversation.


While technologies which enable seamless communication between family members have been present for over a decade, the recent improvement in high-speed internet on mobile devices, as well as a push towards 4G connectivity, mean for greater connectivity between friends and family alike. Middle-class families who live in flats in Noida can today communicate with relatives or their own children who are studying overseas for only the cost of a high-speed internet connection. Although the software which makes video conferencing possible is free, there is still a cost for speaking to someone on the other side of the world. The cost is paid to the internet service provider as video during an online chat is streamed over a high-speed digital network for which the owners of the connection on both sides of the conversation are required to pay to the ISP. Many builders in Noida who construct developments in the suburb of Delhi, as yet don’t build homes keeping in mind many of the most modern amenities which are available today but were not present ten or fifteen years ago. Nearly every home today requires at least one high-speed internet connection and a suitable location inside the home at which a high-speed digital modem can be mounted is usually not present. Such a modem should usually be placed at a location which at the center of a home and preferably at a higher location so as so to dispel the signal to every device in the home.


Residential projects in Noida also need to be brought up to speed to take advantage of the technology revolution on the doorstep. Virtually every residential property in Noida today has more than two or three members each of whom has a device with data capability which is used to communicate with friends and family. As the resolution of images that are displayed during video conferencing improves so will the need for larger data packs which enable longer and frequent conversations over the internet. The emergence of 4G is certainly welcome news and those who live in luxury apartments in Noida will undoubtedly have more than one device with 4G capability allowing them to be constantly amerced in the digital world. However, traveling overseas today is no longer a privilege for only the well to do and many from modest homes also require greater connectivity to lead functional lives.


An ambitious plan for builders and developers in Noida should be to provide high-speed internet connectivity for affordable housing in Noida. The power of the internet must be leveraged to enable connectivity across social segments and to break open the opportunities of greater connectivity to segments of strata of the population which is as yet on the margins of the technology and connectivity revolution. A culture which embraces the opportunity for all must provide an equal start for its entire young people. No better opportunity exists today for the same than to bring greater internet connectivity to young people across all segments of the society, not just to those who happen to live in luxury apartments in Noida or other cities.

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