Why is it the Right Time to Invest in Residential Real Estate of India

The housing segment of India is being monitored and controlled by many factors that are also contributing to its growth. While there has been a sudden boost in the commercial real estate in India, the residential sector is not too far behind. With the construction of many luxurious and affordable properties, realtors are getting in sync with the latest trends shaping up the industry. There have been many discussions and a lot of research about how India should proceeds with its current economical configuration. However, as the right time came with the right opportunity, the country didn’t shy away from exhibiting its strengths.


Although, the demand of affordable housing in India is increasing by the day, there is also a large section of the market that is interested in buying luxurious penthouses. From the mid-segment to the uber rich industry, India has plethora of developments and demands going on. Furthermore, as the country’s economy is improving, developers have also upped the ante with their new schemes and discount offers for specifically planned for investors. These developments are not only driving investments from within the country but also the overseas investors who are constantly looking out to bet their money on high-yielding property segments. India being an ever-evolving country is always looking out to try out of the ordinary development models through its infrastructure. Hence, the more this expansion takes place, the more there is a demand in every segment of the realty industry.


Due to rapid urbanization, government is on its toes to make everything legalized and bring it under sharp scrutiny. Taking cue from the previous real estate market downfalls, government is leaving no stone unturned to move along with the pace of current realty expansion. The housing segment is also impacting the GDP and FDI returns of the country and that’s the reason most of the advancement is taking place in this particular segment right now. While government is still working towards the housing finance market in India, the condition is somewhat stable right now.


There are many investors who have been waiting for their turn to receive higher returns after buying a residential property in any part of India. Although, not every city is profitable right now, there are a few parts of the country that have been providing attractive options for a residential real estate buyer. The progressive global scenario with a wave of profitable regimes in India, the residential real estate market is soon going to be counted as a top investment opportunity. While inflation has been a major setback through most of the years, the realty industry in India is finally set for a much-deserved recognition worldwide.


After the commencement of the Real Estate Regulatory Bill in 2016, the scenario is predicted to be a lot better than it was before. Through legalized bills and regulations in the industry, there is now a little or no space for an occurrence of any loopholes. Therefore, it is now easy to say that the residential real estate segment of India is going to bring a revolutionary change in the economy of the country, which is going to be beneficial for both buyers and developers.



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