Real Estate in India and Property in India

Real Estate in India:

In India the real estate sector is one of the most globally recognized and fast developing sectors that comprise four different sectors in it: housing, retail, hospitality and commercial. If we talk about employment also then real estate provides huge number of employments to the people every year. Real estate in India it is the second largest employer leading after agriculture and is showing a constantly improvement in the field of employment. The growth of this sector is directly proportional to the growth of corporate sectors, housing projects and the demands for offices, malls as well. It can also be expected that this sector will gain more investment by the Non-Resident Indian (NRI) in both the short term and long term and if we evaluate the current scenario of real estate then it can be seen that Bangalore is at the top most followed by Pune, Ahemdabad, Chennai and Delhi.

Over the decades India has witnessed a huge growth in the real estate sector with the increasing demand of housing properties, IT companies and demands for office as well.  According to the reports that are released in recent times, it can be seen that the major investors like Mr Nandan Nilekani, co-founder of Infosys Limited, Piramal Fund Managements, Tata Capital, the financial services arm of Tata Group invested a huge amount in real estate funds and also planning to raise their fund.

Property in India:

If we talk about the main reason of rapidly increasing prices of properties in India, then one of the main reasons is that in India it is a growing trend that people want to buy a property for their children’s because with time passing by the prices of property are rising drastically. Moreover, investing in property has become a future savings as every year the price just doubles.

Is Investing in residential property is a good idea?

If we see from both the investor’s point of view and the real estate owner’s point of view, then in our country more than the commercial properties it is the residential property that are in demand. It is not just because the people want to invest their money for saving buying land it is because of the growing urbanization and modern life style. Today people are more inclined towards the latest living facilities, modern amenities and best accommodations that are the one major reason of the growth of real estate and property in India.

Now people are wishing to buy properties in metro cities or in the area nearby to these near cities so they can have easy access to all the facilities like transport, it companies, hospitals and malls.  In our country Mumbai is considered as the number one city in the terms of investment in any sector. So all in all it is good to invest in residential property.



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