Trump and Clinton Victories Impact on Real Estate in Gurgaon

The outcome of the presidential election in the US is certainly going to impact India and real estate in Gurgaon as well. There are today differing perspectives on who will eventually become the most powerful man or woman on Earth. While many are certain that Hillary Clinton will win by a wide margin, others claim that Donald Trump is gaining on her with increasing poll numbers while some seasoned political minds even claim that Donald Trump will win this election. The impact on India and indeed on the globe will be felt as soon as the winner is elected. A win for Hillary Clinton will likely be good news for India’s economy and many who live in luxury apartments in Gurgaon are likely to breathe a sigh of relief if she wins. The reason that a Clinton victory will evoke optimism is that her policies are largely understood and predictable. As a matter of fact if Hillary Clinton wins then there may be jubilation across much of the globe as many global citizens and big business feel more certain of her policies as drivers of economic growth. A Clinton victory will mean far less uncertainty for business and finance globally. A Trump victory is likely to make many adopt a wait and watch stance until the trump administration reveals its intent which may mean a disavowal of global trends which have been shaping commerce over the past four decades.

Builders in Gurgaon are likely to root for Hillary and bemoan Trump. Even Hillary Clinton’s husband, Bill Clinton had an excellent personal image in India despite have placed sanctions on India after the nuclear tests in 1998. The Clintons are widely admired and loved by Indians and it’s no wonder than Hillary Clinton is remarked as the Senator from Punjab due to her close associations with the Sikh community in America. Recent scathing attacks on Hillary from Trump claim that her policies led to thousands of American jobs to be given to the Indian tech giants TCS and HCL who egregiously used legal loopholes to replace Americans at top US corporations. Furthermore, Trump’s campaign is making claims that the Clintons took money from both TCS and HCL in the form of donations to the Clinton Foundation and for making speeches at events under the management of TCS and HCL. Understandably Clinton’s campaign has also launched an attack on Trumps business practices showing his preference of non-American labor.  Manufacturers in India may lose out if Trump is elected and puts in place policies to bring overseas jobs back to America. Top builders in Gurgaon may have to resort to sourcing materials such as windows from a different country than from which they do today, especially when China is changing its growth model from an export driven one to one based on domestic consumption which may put less emphasis on cheap exports in favor of higher quality products for domestic companies. If Trump wins, affordable flats in Gurgaon may become more expensive due to higher construction costs. And the building of residential projects in Gurgaon overall may fall due to lower demand for homes as many well-paying jobs are insourced back to the US. for more real estate info


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