New Indian Made Product May Influence Property in Noida

Electric cars and bikes could change the image of Delhi and bestow upon property in Noida a positive sentiment. Already the air of New Delhi is among the most polluted in the country and thus far electric cars seem too distant to make an appreciable difference in the quality of air that Delhiites breathe. However, one Pune based startup has put on the market what is probably the first electric bike produced by an Indian company, the name of the bike is Tork T6X and it is an electric bike which can travel one hundred kilometers on a single charge and has a top speed of one hundred kilometers as well. This is likely to be great news for environmentalists who mourn the impact of global warming but feel powerless to change things. As many of those with a similar bent of mind tend to be young and worry about what kind of world they are leaving behind for their children, the Tork T6X is likely to find a ready market. The fuel savings are also likely to attract other buyers who live in affordable housing in Noida.

This is a reason to feel pride for many Indians as it is a first and has been accomplished by a domestic startup. While Honda or Harley-Davidson could also easily produce an electric bike, the fact that Tork is an Indian bike may allow many to test the quality of an Indian-made electric bike. If the bike resonates with young buyers Indians may say that their time has come and that a product made in India by an Indian startup is as good as any made in the world.


While the Hike messenger marketed itself as an Indian messenger, Indians have repeatedly shown that they are unmoved by patriotic sentiment when it comes to their wallet. The Hike messenger never quite took off as the developers no doubt expected it too largely due to better services provided by its competitors. Earlier this year Indians had anticipated another reason to cheer as the Freedom 251 was launched yet this also proved to be a failure and despite all the hype surrounding the launch of the cheapest smartphone in the world, little mention is made of it today. Builders in Noida with a large workforce may have benefited from such an inexpensive smartphone and could have provided it to their workers at an even lower cost not only to improve sentiment but also to ensure timely arrival and to check on progress on specific tasks.


If the Tork proves to be a top notch product than Tork Motorcycles, the owner of the company, may give competitors in the segment a run for their money, if it is a failure it could provide valuable expertise to the creators of the bike and help them move on to other projects which are more likely to succeed. Even those who live in luxurious 4 BHK flats in Noida may purchase the Tork motorcycle for the sake of novelty as did many twenty years ago when BMW launched a bike for 5 lakhs, a considerable sum at the time. Some of the best builders in the world are in India and all across the world the prowess of Indian builders is well known, these very builders are behind erecting some of the best residential projects in Noida. Granted many such builders, the ones who do the manual work, are not very well educated yet they are experts in their craft and are diligent workers. With such a wealth of expertise in so many diverse occupations, it’s about time an Indian product such as the Tork creates a name for itself globally.


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