Luxury Flats in gurgaon to become More Luxurious After 4G Auction

The upcoming spectrum auction has implications for those who live in luxury flats in Gurgaon and who live in more modest homes across the country as well. Most of the largest telecom players are likely to participate in the auction as 4G networking is almost certainly the future of telecom. 4G allows services which 3G cannot match, the speed of a 4G connection allows data to be transferred twice as fast or even four times as fast and a 4G connection is ten times faster than a 3G connection. It’s no wonder that the current auction by the government is likely to be the biggest in telecom history. All the major players are participating in the auction from new entrants like Jio to entrenched players such as Airtel, Vodafone, and Idea. I would not be exaggerating when I say that the telecom player who offer the best 4G connectivity will eventually edge out other players who don’t offer 4G services. A telecom player that offers 4G connectivity in the most circles in the country is going to rule the roost in the future, those who come up short on the number of circles where they offer 4G connectivity will over time lose a large number of customers to their competitors.

When a player has 4G connectivity in a large number of the 22 circles in India it can offer services at a lower cost to customers in those circles than players who have not been allocated 4G services in those circles. While 3G is fast, 4G and all the additional features it allows is needed for the next generation of telecom services which includes cashless payments between vendors and between buyers and sellers. 4G also allows for a vast number of additional services which include building an ecosystem around the telecom service providers. Many developers in the not too distant future shall create app’s and integrate them around a particular 4G network, hence a 4G network in the future shall transform a telecom company into a technology company that developers covet to be allowed access to for the developer’s services or products.

Already in many developed countries, voice calling is free; data is paid for and is the real money maker for many telecom companies in the west. Builders in Gurgaon may also need to adapt to the transformation of telecom companies into technology companies. Builders in Gurgaon should consider creating developments that have 4G connectivity from a major telecom player. They will also have to take into account additional features in the future that allow money for buy flats in Gurgaon to be paid for online using the backbone of a company that has a powerful 4G network. The emergence of technology companies around which a huge ecosystem of IT companies and developers grows is the new growth model where technology shall become both a great enabler as well as a leveler since even those living in villages in India shall have access to the same ecosystem as is available to city dwellers.

Many new phones on sale in the market are already preparing for a 4G revolution by offering phones which are 4G ready, as a matter of fact, there are fewer and fewer 2G and 3G enabled phones being sold every day as consumer vote with their wallet in favor of 4G.

Buying and selling property in Gurgaon may never be the same in decade or two, initiatives such as Digilocker provide the means to store official documents online where they cannot be lost or tampered with. In some time to come data regarding the ownership of new projects in Gurgaon may also be stored online in Digilocker which will be easily accessed using 4G connectivity. Such online facilities shall be available even to those who are not outright wealthy and live in affordable housing in Gurgaon; the widespread use of 4G technology will make the need for paper copies of documents unnecessary as all documents shall be secure online.  for more real estate newsaffordable-flats-in-gurgaon


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