Buying Property in India: How Statistics & Research Matter

Investing in a decent piece of land or real estate is a tough task in itself altogether as it involves tricky statistics. What’s more interesting in this situation is how developers are reacting on the overall supply and demand algorithm and what all they are doing to make current scenario worth investing for buyers. These points of consideration are making realty business a hard hitting reality, which is going to prove much more beneficial if handled with appropriate amount of attention. At this given point, the question stands at how and why government should get more involved so that there is more liquidity in resources as compared to the past five years. Hence, to understand more about it below are a few key points that explain how research and government’s role stands important in real estate business of India.

Research helps in eliminating factual errors

While developers are collecting valuable information for their upcoming projects, it is also essential for them to track down all the relevant key points before proceeding. This helps them get clarity about the location and its other characteristics such as pricing, accessibility of resources and close proximity to all the prime areas around. Therefore, conducting a proper research about a particular location within a city and taking decision accordingly has become the need of the hour not just for developers.

Improvement in government policies

Just as government is validating all the characteristics of a project or location, they also need information of developers to make sure that everything is going smoothly in the market. It is only after the regulatory bodies collect necessary data and statistics, they are able to make an informed decision regarding new reforms that are going to be introduced in near future. This also gives them an edge over the planning part as it is quite risky when it comes to listing down future possibilities in the market.

With the help of above mentioned factors, it is now easier to figure out the future of real estate in India and how this business is going to impact day to day decisions of developers. Apart from being a tricky market in itself, this industry is spreading out to become a multimillion one with the help of appropriate resources at the correct place and time. In realty business, it is all about understanding the current need and acting upon it and this stands absolutely true for developers who are working to cater the needs of everyday buyers.

Hence, to summarize the above points, one must say that real estate is becoming a blooming market that is also on its verge to make India a fully fledged country when it comes to buying property. Not only developers, it is also a buyer’s responsibility to ensure that they are also contributing enough to maintain a valid ecosystem in the country. These factors are the stepping stones for the entire real estate value chain as it helps in materializing more inputs from each segment of the current market. Therefore, in order to make sure that India is developing statistically, it is also crucial to carry out different tasks to accomplish


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