Creating a High Quality Real Estate Website in India

When it comes to the success of a real estate website in India, brand recall is but only one of the crucial factors that is responsible for the websites success. For a website to remain successful several other factors are also play a major role. A few factors responsible for the success of real estate websites are as follow.

How Long Has the Website Been Active

The longer a website has been online the more successful it is likely to be down the line. A simple reason for this is that such a website would have earned more goodwill and trust than an upstart, this is especially true if the property website has been able to serve tens of thousands of individuals since the inception of the website.

Ease Of Use

Unlike in earlier periods of history when individuals bought their first home when they were close to retirement, in today’s world, millennial’s often buy their first home when they are between the ages of twenty-five and thirty. As such young people have been tech and especially Internet savvy since the time they were teenagers, they expect property sites in India to be easy to use. Often such young people decide whether they want to transact business on a certain site simply after having seen the home page of the concerned site.

Leverage Soft Power

The power of software means that a real estate website in India should be intuitive and very user friendly. Sending a one time password to a phone number upon registration that need not be entered by the user but rather which is readily detected by an app is one of the hallmarks of a user friendly website or application.

The software running a property websites should be powerful and very intuitive as this is what younger homebuyers expect, these young people are the same young people who help older family members buy or sell property as well.  A quality website is an indicator of a quality business.

Reputation in the Marketplace

The reputation of a company matters as well. If most people do not recommend your website or tell users to stay clear of your web portal or app, all the longevity of your real estate website and intuitive software on your side won’t help you gain customers or grow revenues.


Quality real estate websites in India are as yet few. In all probability even a marginally aware urban young person already knows the names of all the major high quality property websites in India. Hence the small number of quality property websites in India means that there is tremendous scope for growth for newer entities particularly as the centers decision to create crore’s of affordable housing units is implemented.

real estate websites in india


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