Standing Out Among the Best Real Estate Websites in India

The best real estate websites have to stand out among their competitors if such sites are to gain traction and earn money for their owners or founders. While some real estate sites provide users simply with listings of numerous properties, others go so far as to guide customers through the entire home buying process.

Standing Out In the Crowd

While we Indians love bright colors, the overwhelming majority of the cars in India are white. One reason for this may simply be that white cars are easily available at dealerships and are usually less expensive than a similar car that is brightly colored. On the other hand real estate websites in India boast of excellent graphics and use a wide array of colors. Even search engines such as Google comparably use minimal graphics when compared to property sites in India. Hence the top Indian real estate sites endeavor to stand out from the crowd and from one another.

Bold is Beautiful

Bold colors also attract more visitors than does a plain site. Since many users, even those unfamiliar with the Internet, are able to understand that a bright site takes more time and effort, they in turn are wiling to give such a site more of their time. An attractive real estate site in India, needless to say attracts more visitors.

Being Beautiful and Clean

Websites that dazzle might initially attract visitors, but unless such sites are easy to use and navigate, visitors will stop using them. A websites interface should be clean, even while it is bold and bright. On a real estate website, all the links should lead to the stated destination and getting around from one link to another should be easy and even intuitive.

What’s in A Name

real-estate-sitesPerhaps what most attracts us to a property site over another is simply the name of a site. The best names of websites in India tend to be those that convey their business with the minimal possible words. A crisp name allows users to easily recall the name of a property website as and when the need should arise. Notably due to the nature of the property business, users often first visit the property website whose name is easiest to recall.



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