7 Points Guide To Buy The Best Property In India

Buying home is way more different from buying clothes and other household items. Be it the huge money invested in the home or fulfilling the dream of owning a home, buying property in India is one of the most important decisions one makes in their life. To ensure that your hard earned money pays you well, you need to be extra cautious while buying a home. From reputation of the builder to the location of the project, size of the apartment and real estate trends in India, you need to pay attention to every aspect.

To make home buying in India easier for you, I have made a simple and easy to follow buying guide. Just follow the points given here to buy the best home in India.

  1. Location: No matter you are buying property for investment purpose or to move in there with your family, the location of the real estate project in India must be the key factor.
  1. Affordability: Don’t just get lured by the attention-grabbing amenities marketed by the developer. If you are looking for affordable projects in India, pay more attention to the basic amenities than fringe attractions like swimming pool, gyms, clubs etc. that unnecessarily inflate the price.
  1. The reputation of builders: Every home buyer: whether new or old, should do a thorough analysis of builders’ track record. Visiting property website in India is a good option as home buyers leave their comments and feedback on such websites.
  1. Approval: To get construction permission for any project, developers need to take different approvals from varied authorities. Ask the builder about following approvals:
  • Building and floor plan
  • Structural safety certificate
  • No-objection certificate
  • Environment clearances
  • Title deed
  1. Payment: Real estate in India has earned a negative reputation for disposing of black money. If you want to buy property in India, it is best to pay through a bank loan or through cheque. Banks generally perform a thorough check on builder’s reputation, credentials, and market value of the property. It can help you save your hard earned money that otherwise can get stuck in a wrong project.
  1. Taxes and duties: Pay all the taxes and duties when getting the property registered in your name.
  1. Pre-plan your furnishing budget: In an excitement to decorate dream home, first-time buyers end up overspending for furnishing and interior designing. Be careful about it and plan everything in advance.real estate property

These are a few points by following which you can find the best luxury or affordable projects in India. Collecting and analyzing information has got easier with the property websites in India. All you need is to find a reliable website to find the right home for you.


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