Top Property Destinations in India to Invest in Real Estate in 2017

India is a favorable real estate destination by property investors from all across the world. Be it luxury housing projects or commercial projects, the country is considered a safe haven to put money for high capital gains. People spend a lot of time on real estate websites in India to explore the best destinations for top residential properties.

Are you also planning to buy residential properties in India but confused about the right city? Here are the hot real estate investment destinations in India for 2017. Here are the top five real estate investment destinations in India. It is not just availability of properties or more job opportunities, but the efforts put by the government and world-class infrastructure, which is contributing in the growth of these cities.

Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai and Ahmedabad are the five hot property investment destinations in India in 2017. Every property website in India is promoting inventories in these localities due to increased demand for residential housing projects here. Further, growing local economies, skilled workforce and the influx of talent from different states have contributed to increased demand for residential properties.

property in india

These metro cities in India not just have basic infrastructures like good roads, power supply, and water supply but also have advanced social infrastructure like connectivity via metro trains, airports, luxury hotels, hospitals, educational institutes, leading companies etc. All these factors together ensure a better quality of life that modern home buyers look for in their dream homes.

This has also given rise to the websites for properties in India. These websites help digital home buyers get all the details on their smartphone to buy the best property in any city without even visiting it.

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7 Points Guide To Buy The Best Property In India

What’s the difference between home loan overdraft scheme and housing loan?

Property in India To Benefit From Trust Between Buyers and Sellers

2017 – A revolutionary year for Indian real estate

By April 2017, the revolutionary Real Estate Regulation and Development Act will be an application in the whole country. This consumer friendly Act will make Indian real estate market more reliable and transparent. NRIs looking forward to investing in real estate market and exploring the best real estate portal in India can focus on these five states where RERA is already operational. If you want to buy property in some other area, you should wait till May 2017.


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