How to real estate ratings help you buy the best property in India?

Digitization and easy access to the internet have made buyers more informative. They now research about the product, check their reviews and then make a buying decision. When it comes to home buying in India, checking reviews might not be possible. But in India, property website still tries to help the home buyers by providing ratings and comparison graphs.

residential property in india

Though it is not completely new for Indian real estate market, there is very limited use of this feature. For some analysis and real estate rating revolves around only prices and cost comparison. But the best real estate website in India pays due attention to other aspects, which play a vital role in home buying. Apart from price, these websites focus on locality, the design of the residential project, social infrastructure, commutation, and specifications. They design a standardized and comprehensive rating system to help home buyers make the best choice.

If you want to buy home in India, builder’s track record also makes a huge impact on the selection of the residential project. Some of the property websites in India rate developers on different aspects and help buyers use the rating as benchmarks to check their authenticity, past records, and other details.

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Do ratings really help buyers?

Not all ratings are useful for the home buyers. To ensure that as a buyer you make an informed choice, you should look for a website that offers objective and comprehensive ratings for those looking for real estate property in India. This type of rating gives a clear perspective on different parameters of a project, critical for buying home.

How do real estate ratings help home buyers?

  • Ratings on legal clearances, construction quality, financial stability and the developer help buyers take an informed buying decision
  • A higher rating gives home buyer an idea of project’s delivery and specifications
  • Ratings encourage builders and developers in India to have healthy competition
  • It helps developers win trust of consumers and get financing for the project

The objective rating system has a great impact on the real estate market of India. The only need is to understand the process and its importance. Although some real estate websites in India have already started promoting this by offering comparison charts to the home buyers, people also need to understand this.


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