Mumbai’s Biggest Mall fails, converted to office

Falling footfalls in Bhandup’s Magnet Mall, one of Mumbai’s greatest, has constrained its engineer to close down and redo the 10 lakh sq ft premises into an office-cum-retail intricate.

In the course of recent years, a few shopping centers the nation over, including Mumbai, have been changed over into business or residential real estate in Mumbai as a result of poor business. Be that as it may, advertise sources said Magnet is the biggest in the nation so far to go up against an alternate symbol.

The shopping center business is viewed as indeterminate in light of high incubation and high investment. Just a couple has succeeded. Experts in Property in Mumbai showcase sources said upwards of 11 shopping centers close down in the nation in the vicinity of 2010 and 2015.

Magnet Mall, situated on the bustling L B S Marg in Bhandup, is controlled by Mumbai-based engineer Neptune Group. It began operations in 2012. Footfalls dropped by half in Magnet Mall, which began in 2012, on account of web based shopping and further declined after Easy Day an expansive hyper advertise involving 60,000 sq ft on the premises, shut. “Retailers were draining a direct result of e-commerce business, so we took a cognizant choice to update the whole space for workplaces and some retail,” said Neptune Group CMD Nayan flats in mumbai

The designer, who will pump in Rs 100 crore to revamp the premises after it was closed down a year ago, said a large portion of the territory will be presently cut into little workplaces and sold. The rest of the space will be sold to customers searching for bigger workplaces while a segment will be held for retail. “We have arranged little boutique workplaces,” said Bheda, who will dispatch the new venture not long from now.

In 2009, D B Realty racked its arrangement to building the nation’s biggest shopping center in Dahisar (2.5 million sq ft) and changed over it into a private venture.

Two years prior, Nirmal Mall in Mulund, which is near the Magnet Mall, additionally for all intents and purposes close down after engineer Nirmal Lifestyle said it wound up plainly unviable to run it as a result of rentals and upkeep charges. The land will be used for a private venture.

Kandivli’s Raghuleela Mall, Bhandup’s Dreams Mall, Santa Cruz’s Milan Mall, Vashi’s Center One and Atria Mall at Worli area portion of the retail buildings which neglected to take off.

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A senior real estate consultant shared these points this us-

  • A modest bunch of good shopping centers keep on performing to a great degree well the nation over, however many normal and low quality shopping centers have wallowed
  • One of the reports said that without precedent for India’s shopping center history, a net negative supply of retail space was seen in 2016 because of conclusion of a few shopping centers combined with constrained new supply. “While five shopping centers close a year ago, 10 others changed their utilization to workplaces, instructive establishments, shopping groups, healing facilities and dinner corridors, bringing about 3.5 million sq ft of retail space (crosswise over 15 shopping centers crosswise over India) getting pulled back from the operational stock
  • A year ago, the aggregate net retention of retail space in India was 2.7 million sq ft with Delhi-NCR retaining around 1 million sq ft, trailed by Mumbai at 6 lakh sq ft and Bengaluru at 4 lakh sq ft. “While 13 shopping centers were finished in 2016, 15 shopping centers were pulled back from the operational stock.

This new update from the commercial property in Mumbai will probably have a mixed reaction and one will have to wait to see the results.


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