Which are the best locations to buy luxury apartments in Noida?

Noida enjoys the reputation of being the most flourishing real estate market in the Delhi NCR. It is known as the largest industrial city in India. With the passing time, property in Noida has experienced a boom. Noida has a mix of affordable and luxury apartments in the market. The property market in Noida has turned out to be so lucrative for investors that currently many NRI investors are interested in investing in Noida.
Let us delve into some the prominent localities in Noida, which are offering luxurious flats-

  • Greater Noida Expressway- This is the most famous location in Noida. The average rate of the property here is Rs4, 800 per sq ft. This locality is recommended for retired people, couples and families. The market trends are showing that the demand for properties will soon pick up in Noida. The luxury apartments will cost you around Rs 1.60-3.75 crore.
  • Noida Extension-Noida extension is developing wing of the Gautam Buddha Nagar where fresh stocks of housing residential are coming up. Currently, this is accessible via roadways. There is an influx of people so the development of the infrastructure will also pick up. Since most of the construction is under process, it will witness price rise in the near future. The current rates of the properties are Rs 3,206 per sq ft, which is comparatively cheap. Noida extension is the place for investment.
  • Sector- 100- Noida Sector 100 is one of the most elite localities. This locality has several luxury apartments, which are ready for possession. Social infrastructures are well developed in this area. The average rate of the luxury apartments in this area is Rs 1.50 crore.
  • Sector 137- At present Noida sector 137 has only one premium project in the construction phase. The average rate of the luxury houses in this area is in a range of Rs 60 lac -1.4 crore.

These are some of the localities, which provide the best luxury apartments in Noida. Every locality that we have listed above has something unique to offer to the homebuyers.


Planning to invest in the real estate market?

There are many residential and commercial projects that are being developed in the Noida city. So if you are planning to invest in the real estate market, Noida provides the best option for you as it offers immense investment opportunities for everyone. One can check out the best property deals and can earn extremely good profits in return. It is not only the buyers of residential complexes who are getting attracted towards Noida but also the big businesses, startup companies and many multinational corporations who are building up their permanent base in Noida and Greater Noida West. real estate in noida has become one of the top real estate markets in the country. Many people are shifting their base from Delhi as it has become much more crowded, congested and polluted in comparison to the lush green confinement of the Noida city.

Check out for the investment options in Noida

  • Noida’s connectivity to Delhi, Gurgaon, metro connectivity and extremely good infrastructure facilities has made both the living and working experience outstanding in the NCR region.
  • Due to the availability of high quality office space at affordable cost, it is becoming a lucrative option for all those companies who are looking to set up their base in Noida.
  • The real east market in Noida has gained rapid momentum over the past few years and is still growing at a fast rate.
  • Noida being one of the best planned cities in Asia has attracted the attention of millions worldwide to come up and invest.
  • Noida has already become the third largest IT hub and home to 50 IT and ITES MNC’s.
  • Noida itself is accounting for 10 % of the total Indian exports and Noida city has already become the preferred international business hub.
  • With the better water, electricity supply, planned infrastructure, better connectivity it has more scope for appreciation and also offers high returns on investment.

Most preferred commercial and residential hub

The residential projects in Noida offers excellent connectivity, shopping centers, schools, luxurious amenities and has been carefully designed to allow maxim ventilation with all the innovative world class features. Over a period of time, Noida has become the most preferred commercial as well as the residential hub. Due to the high investment of IT and ITES companies in the city, the demand for high end commercial complexes is increasing day by day. It is expected that that Noida would have foreign direct investment worth 30,000 cores in the coming few years.

World class amenities at the best prices

Top notch developers from all over the world are coming for construction of highly innovative and world class residential and commercial complexes and are going to provide world class amenities at the best prices. With the efforts of the developers, Noida is already being transformed into the next generation international business hub and it is the best option for all those who are looking to buy property in Noida as it will surely impart better appreciation and returns on the investments.



Internet Connectivity across the Country Starting at Property in Noida

Networking has paid huge dividends to those who own property in Noida as well as property in other large cities where high-speed internet is commonplace. Today more than ever, more and more Indian students are heading overseas for their education, either for a basic graduation degree or to pursue more advanced degrees. The primary means by which such young people remain in touch with relatives is usually with the aid of high-speed networking technology which syncs with software enabling family and friends to see each other in real time and have a conversation.


While technologies which enable seamless communication between family members have been present for over a decade, the recent improvement in high-speed internet on mobile devices, as well as a push towards 4G connectivity, mean for greater connectivity between friends and family alike. Middle-class families who live in flats in Noida can today communicate with relatives or their own children who are studying overseas for only the cost of a high-speed internet connection. Although the software which makes video conferencing possible is free, there is still a cost for speaking to someone on the other side of the world. The cost is paid to the internet service provider as video during an online chat is streamed over a high-speed digital network for which the owners of the connection on both sides of the conversation are required to pay to the ISP. Many builders in Noida who construct developments in the suburb of Delhi, as yet don’t build homes keeping in mind many of the most modern amenities which are available today but were not present ten or fifteen years ago. Nearly every home today requires at least one high-speed internet connection and a suitable location inside the home at which a high-speed digital modem can be mounted is usually not present. Such a modem should usually be placed at a location which at the center of a home and preferably at a higher location so as so to dispel the signal to every device in the home.


Residential projects in Noida also need to be brought up to speed to take advantage of the technology revolution on the doorstep. Virtually every residential property in Noida today has more than two or three members each of whom has a device with data capability which is used to communicate with friends and family. As the resolution of images that are displayed during video conferencing improves so will the need for larger data packs which enable longer and frequent conversations over the internet. The emergence of 4G is certainly welcome news and those who live in luxury apartments in Noida will undoubtedly have more than one device with 4G capability allowing them to be constantly amerced in the digital world. However, traveling overseas today is no longer a privilege for only the well to do and many from modest homes also require greater connectivity to lead functional lives.


An ambitious plan for builders and developers in Noida should be to provide high-speed internet connectivity for affordable housing in Noida. The power of the internet must be leveraged to enable connectivity across social segments and to break open the opportunities of greater connectivity to segments of strata of the population which is as yet on the margins of the technology and connectivity revolution. A culture which embraces the opportunity for all must provide an equal start for its entire young people. No better opportunity exists today for the same than to bring greater internet connectivity to young people across all segments of the society, not just to those who happen to live in luxury apartments in Noida or other cities.

new projects in noida extension

Property in Noida May Remain Stagnant A few More Quarters

The price of property in Noida and many other cities across the country is expected to remain stagnant for a few more quarters according to experts. It has been stated that the correction in the price of property in Noida and other major real estate markets in the country which began three years ago is yet to reach its end. According to those in the know, the price of real estate property in Noida and other large micro markets in the country had appreciated faster than the incomes of prospective homebuyers. Hence much of the property across the nation became too expensive for new homebuyers to invest in and flats in Noida as well became priced higher than most households could afford. Although the market correction began 3 years ago, there may yet be time before the price of apartments in residential projects in Noida begins to rise. There is as yet far too much supply seeking few buyers to have an impact that is likely to lead to a hike in the price of property in Noida.


During the real estate boom across the major real estate markets in the country, many speculators and builders in Noida hoarded properties expecting the price of units would continue to appreciate. When the slowdown took hold in the property market in 2013, those who were left holding unsold units had no way to sell them at a profit due to the fact that many units become priced beyond the income level of large numbers of homebuyers. Hence prices of flats in Noida and flats in other cities began to drop precipitously and today much of the residential property in Noida and other micro markets is stagnant at prices well below where prices were thirty-six months ago. Efforts taken by the Reserve Bank of India in the early part of this year to bolster demand for residential property in Noida and other real estate markets may help yet most real estate experts believe that it may eventually take nearly three years to offload the existing inventory at the rate new homes are currently being sold.


Fortunately, there has not been a systemic failure in the real estate market in India and luxury flats in Noida and other cities still, have eager buyers. Unlike property in China and Dubai, there is no indication of impending doom for real estate companies in Noida or for that matter for such companies across India. There has been a correction in prices yet due to the diversity and huge size of the real estate market in India few builders in Noida and real estate developers across the country are left holding inventory which they cannot eventually hope to sell. Whereas China today is believed to have a colossal housing bubble and the housing bubble in Dubai burst during the global financial crisis, real estate in India during the boom years had displayed greater restraint and fewer excesses than either China or Dubai had. There are no ghost cities in India as there are to be found today in China where one can find today numerous cities with thousands of flats the overwhelming majority of which are unoccupied. In addition, unlike Dubai, there was no excess of flamboyant construction in India leading to the housing bust in the city which changed the fortunes of many of its citizens.


Even as affordable housing in Noida and other parts of the country may have temporarily become out of the reach of many homebuyers, within a matter of a few more months as the economy continues to improve and the price of flats in Noida dips a little more it may reach a point of equanimity where both buyers and sellers feel at ease buying and selling.   New projects in noida3

How to buy Property in Noida

When we discuss about property in Noida, there are quantities of designers giving their tasks to the clients. These constructors have cutting edge ventures composed by all-inclusive distinguished set guidelines of value. The developers are putting forth their diverse undertakings at humble costs to the customers. These tasks are given at differed areas one of which is Noida. It is a Special Economic Zone and is found near Delhi. Uttar Pradesh Technical University is likewise arranged in this area.


It is a spot where a few higher learning establishments are sited. These focuses envelop Amity University, Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, Noida Institute of Engineering and Technology, and so forth. The well-known IIM Lucknow additionally has its grounds in this locale. When we observe from the instruction perspective then likewise there are different schools here. The organizations are Delhi Public School, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Cambridge School, Convent School and some more.


Presently the purchasers, who need to possess a property here, can undoubtedly comprehend that this zone is the opportune spot to contribute on the off chance that they consider their kids’ instruction also. Some real estate in Noida which have set up their private ventures at this area are Gulshan Homes, Antriksh and Nimbus Group. Their on-going activities are Gulshan Bellina, Antriksh Golf View – 2 and Nimbus Hyde Park. These activities have been organized here because of the aforementioned offices and in addition some different reasons. The reasons constitute presence as a center point of multinational firms outsourcing IT administrations. The associations comprise of Headstrong, IBM, TCS, WIPRO, Tech Mahindra, Accenture and Samsung. Presence of all thse organisations have played an instrumental factor for boosting the demand of property in Noida.


A portion of the acclaimed power utility and vitality organizations have set up their workplaces in Noida. The rundown fuses Reliance Infrastructure, Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited and parcel more. The Government of India prior built up Software Technology Park to empower the product business. This innovation park is set up in this district as it were. Real estate developers in Noida showcases plethora of options.



The Yamuna Expressway

The Yamuna Expressway, additionally known not its other name – the Taj Expressway, connects the two noteworthy urban areas of Agra and Delhi together. This 165-kilometer-long likewise encourages the entrance to purchasers to offices.


The Noida-Greater Noida Expressway

This is yet another interstate, which associates Delhi to Noida. More prominent Noida is said to be another imperative piece of Noida furthermore offers some lucrative property deals.


Handsome Traction


The top notch amenities and the world class infrastructure coupled with several favorable conditions have made the real estate in Noida com up the curve with plethora of promising options to invest in.

Aside from this, you could discover properties for both business and additionally for private purposes. The interest for houses in Noida has likewise been influenced by this high rate of supply.


The interest for properties in Noida has gone high throughout the years. Individuals with various spending plans can without much of a stretch advantage by putting resources into Noida.real estate developers in noida

property in Noida offers Host of benefits

Property in Noida has witnessed a great demand over the past few years, owing to the host of benefits the city offers.  Enveloped by Delhi, Ghaziabad, Greater Noida & Dadri, Faridabad and up to a stretch by Gurgaon also, Noida is halfway located in the NCR. Hence, the strategic location of Noida plays an instrumental role in fuelling the corporate and residential set ups in the city. Many blue chip companies and big IT giants have shifted their focus to Noida and have entered into the space. Footfall of some big companies have boosted the industrialization to a next level. Presence of major corporate houses have attracted a huge mass to invest in Noida property.

Robust Connectivity

The major highlight of Noida is its excellent road and metro connectivity. Metro rail services offers uninterrupted and easy access to the commuters travelling both from Delhi and Gurgaon. The DND flyover over the Yamuna River offers a fast, smooth and uninterrupted access to South Delhi in just a couple of minutes.  Yamuna Expressway offers an easy access to Greater Noida and Dadri and cut down the traffic woes.  National Highway-24 provides an easy access to Ghaziabad.  Property in Noida witnesses a whopping demand backed by excellent road and metro connectivity.

Excellent Social and Physical Infrastructure

Apart from this, the city also enjoys robust social and physical infrastructure with a number of good hospitals, reputed colleges and institutes and many more. Noida hosts a spate of awe inspiring malls, huge shopping complexes, sumptuous restaurants to tickle the taste buds and other avenues to spend a fun filled day. The city offers a vibrant lifestyle which pulls a great number of investors too.

Noida is a well-planned town and has a better infrastructure especially when compared to other parts of NCR. The city is not congested and is quite spacious with well-maintained roads.  This is the major highlight of the city and attracts a lot of investors.

Affordable prices

The prices of property in Noida  are quite affordable when compared to other parts of NCR.  One can find varieties of apartments and flats in the city as per the customers need and preference. So, property in Noida makes a great bet for the property seekers. One can buy their dream homes without burning a hole in their pockets.

Promising residential projects

Real estate in Noida witnesses a spate of promising residential projects that makes a great bet for the early investors and end users. The pollution free and tranquil atmosphere of the city attracts a lots of end users to invest into Noida property. The residential projects in Noida are developed by reputed real estate companies with an aim to provide the best quality to the investors. They are offering top notch amenities and state of the art infrastructure to complement the high class lifestyle of the residents. Earthquake resistant projects with added amenities such as gazebos and helipads, beautiful landscapes are the major attraction of these residential projects. Luxury apartments in Noida are crafted with finest details and spectacular features and have an immense growth potential in terms of property value.

Higher ROI

Noida property is expected to fetch higher returns in future owing to its burgeoning industrialization and developing infrastructure.

best property in noida

A complementary growth Model to Propel Property in Noida

It may already be a foregone conclusion that property in Noida shall in the future house largely mid segment homebuyers. The vibrant city which is connected to Delhi by a posh DND toll has become a second rung IT destination in the country. In the future much of the best property in Noida shall be older developments and newer developments shall be built keeping in mind the market for budget homes. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be any new luxury apartments in Noida, certainly there will be some, however the larger trend points to a city which may over time evolve into something akin to a ghetto with small flats closely packed together in developments that are themselves cramped and stuffy.


This does not need to be so, Residential property in Noida needs to be jumpstarted and new technologies on the frontier of science can provide lucrative prospects that may lead to huge inflows of investment into the suburb of Delhi. One such technology, widely regarded as the next great frontier, is known today by many by the phrase “fast charging batteries”. The development and sales of such batteries in the future shall likely give birth to the next great startup which goes on to be listed on a stock exchange with an initial public offering that will turn it’s investors and founders into billionaires overnight. There has been a great deal of debate in the recent past over the countries adoption of software development as an engine of growth while neglecting the other side of the coin, namely the hardware side of the business. Whereas the southern part of the country may specialize in developing world class software, companies in regions of the country such as Noida may steer their core competencies away from software to concentrate on hardware instead.


A fresh take on hardware by investors in India is likely to pay huge dividends and fast charging batteries are very likely to be a winning bet simply because they are so essential to the wide array of electronic gizmos which have been adopted by society. As has been said “necessity is the mother of invention” and this shall certainly prove to be true once such batteries permeate out smartphones and mobile devices. With no shortage of space, builders in Noida may easily construct a large research facility at which to create unique technologies that make it to market. With as yet no shortage of skilled manpower and professionals in the city with advanced degrees abundant, hiring quality staffers which likely live in luxury apartments in Noida to work on the “next big thing” should prove to be a breeze. No one should doubt the tremendous potential of such a technology, the fulfillment of the goal of which shall have wider ranging applications than even many today imagine. With self-driving cars currently being developed by some of the biggest corporations in the world, the company which successfully develops batteries which can be charged in seconds shall likely find itself in a windfall once self-driving electric cars become common.


The future use of such self-driving cars is not meant only for the wealthy, rather the intent is to reimagine the automobile and change the way people get from one place to the other. Even those who can currently only afford to live in affordable housing in Noida, if all goes according to plan, shall have their own self driving car within a decade or two. Due to the emission of carbon dioxide by automobiles which are fueled by hydrocarbons much of the environment is in perilous danger, relegating new technologies only to the wealthy shall negate the development of such technologies which are being created to greatly ease the burden on the environment and hence must be widely distributed among the world’s citizens.


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Yamuna Expressway and Noida Expressway invites for a great investment.

Noida has emerged as a promising real estate destination on the back of improved connectivity, robust social and physical infrastructure and many more. With a spate of investments in Delhi NCR, investors are finding it hard to decide between Noida Expressway, Greater Noida, Dwarka Expressway and Yamuna Expressway.

Noida Expressway has emerged as a hot cake for investors with many reputed builders showcasing their interest in launching meticulous residential projects here. Noida Expressway makes a great bet for investors due to numerous factors such as


Robust Infrastructure

The area boasts of a fast-developing social and physical infrastructure which improves the prospects for future. Thanks to the proactive Government, that a good number of infrastructure is in the pipeline. Once completed, these projects are expected to boost the area further.  Noida Expressway projects appears as a good investment decision beacuse of its steady infrastructure. While the internal roads network is yet to be developed, the area is already proposed to be linked through the Delhi Metro.”


Great Connectivity

Noida Expressway is well connected to Delhi, through the Delhi-Noida-Delhi (DND) Highway and Kalindi Kunj Road, Greater Noida, Yamuna Expressway and Ghaziabad. While it is already well connected via roads, the proposed metro would be an additional benefit after being extended from the existing Noida City Centre station and going up to property in Greater Noida.


Luxury properties

Despite the area appears an attractive option for affordable homes for mid-income segment, there are extravagant homes available for the high-end and luxury homebuyers too. Several reputed builders and developers on Noida Expressway are showcasing their interest to launch high-end luxury apartment projects along this expressway. The luxury projects are equipped with top notch amenities and offers state of the art infrastructure that makes it a great bet for luxury investors.



Investment potential


With slew of developments, Noida Expressway emerges as a potential destination for healthy Returns on Investments (ROI) in the future. The planned development on both sides of the Expressway is expected to fetch outrageous returns in future.


Yamuna Expressway

Yamuna Expressway has emerged as one of the most promising real estate destinations over the past few years. The 166 km long, six-lane expressway is India’s longest motorway and has opened up the doors to economic development and expansion of the National Capital Region (NCR). The expressways had attracted a lot of real investments on the back of improved connectivity.


Starting from Noida-Greater Noida Expressway at one end, Yamuna Expressway is connected to the Agra Ring Road. This is expected to  further connect with other NCR towns such as Gurgaon, Manesar, Rohtak & Sonipat in Haryana and Ghaziabad, Hapur & Meerut in Uttar Pradesh. Yamuna Expressway will also connect few major cities, such as Kanpur, Gwalior and Lucknow. The proposed metro rail project between the Pari Chowk and Sector 18 and 20 in Greater Noida has been approved by the Yamuna Expressway Authority and when functional, is expected to cut down the traffic woes. Proposed Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor is expected to go through Dadri, which is to boost both the Logistics & Warehousing Hubs and Special Development Zones along the expressway. An International Airport is also planned to promote tourist activities and facilitate convenience. The airport will have direct access to the Taj Expressway.


Yamuna Expressway is home to the country’s first and only Formula One Circuit. Sports amenities such as multi-purpose stadium, cricket stadium and tennis court complex are other attractions of the city that invites the sports enthusiasts to invest in Yamuna Expressway.

Yamuna Expressway and property in Noida Expressway invites the early investors and end users for a great investment.Affordable Flats  in noida

Your Quick guide to buy Property in Noida

Buying a property in a posh locality has become everyone’s dream. However, there are various factors that play an important role while visiting a property and finalizing it. Whether it is residential or a commercial property, getting the best deal out of it has become crucial for many buyers and this is the reason people undergo a thorough research.


When we talk about Noida, its infrastructure is divided into different sectors (localities) and they have something or the other to offer to an interested buyer. With promising deals and modern-day facilities, people who have been planning to buy a property from a long time are getting their hands on it. Noida itself along with Greater Noida, Yamuna Expressway and property in Noida Extension are few of the locations that are talk of the town these days.


House-Hunting Tips

Legitimate Developer: Very often we come across a few headlines stating that a project has been shelved just after it was announced. This happens because of the fact that there are some unauthorized and first time builders who have not registered their projects beforehand. Therefore, buyers should opt for a developer in Noida who is genuine and reputed in order to prevent untimely possession and legal hassles.

Project Designs: Paying a huge amount of money does not necessarily mean that your property is spread across hundreds of acres. Tall buildings in Noida have been designed due to lack of space, which proves out to be a troublesome affair.  In this situation, one should look out for a property that has been built with terraces and open parks to allow a breather.


Basic Facilities: Water shortage has become one of the core situations that need to be addressed by every developer. Even in developed areas such as Noida and Greater Noida, people are facing a scarcity in regular source of water connected to their homes. Thus, while finalizing a property, do not forget to tackle with the issue that has been growing rapidly.


The fundamental idea of buying property is to secure a lump sum amount of money at one place without having to bother about future consequences. That is why interested buyers spend their time in investigating and saving money to ensure that it is well spent.  Hence, in order to be completely sure about a project, one should always find out if the developer has secured all the approvals or not.


Along with the written agreement, developer should also provide you with all types of security information about the project. A plethora of builders in Noida have been scrapped and suspended last year due to incomplete registration documents and slow approval process. Our country is yet to prepare well-laid-out guidelines in real estate, which would make it a lawful process.


Irrespective of the status of any builder, no amount of investigation is enough when you are investing a huge amount of money and it always helps to be extra cautious. Factors such as price of the property, mode of payment as well as agreements are a few to name. A buyer should always look out for the best method to spend their money.residential projects in noida3