The Latest on Real Estate in India Within Smart Cities

Real estate in India within smart cities will benefit more from better physical infrastructure rather than from components envisioned to transform a city into a truly smart city. The government’s goal to create numerous smart cities within the next few years may not be achievable as numerous holistic components necessary to create smart cities are missing. Experts intimately close to the smart city projects have stated that nearly 80 percent of the funds allocated towards the smart city projects will be used to create physical infrastructure rather than to enhance the technology prowess of an upcoming smart city.

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Deterrents to Creating Smart Cities

Till date the initiatives to create smart cities lack a holistic approach. This deters those involved in the project to envision the entire project from start to finish. Additionally there is a lack of a viable revenue model for the construction of such cities. Much of the realestate in India will have to wait for many more years to be counted as a part of a smart city since only 10 percent of the smart cities projects within three years are expected to be of a large scale.

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Technology: A Game Changer For Indian Real Estate Market

Top Property Destinations in India to Invest in Real Estate in 2017

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A Poor, Casual Approach

While technology is meant to be efficient and enabling to users, today the smart city project in India suffers from a property structured approach. Experts have stated that Project Managers in charge of creating smart cities would benefit from interacting with city and state departments who lie outside the technology component of smart cities. Doing so would allow Project Managers of upcoming smart cities to not only better understand large-scale infrastructure projects but also allow them to envision Internet of Things for upcoming smart cities. For Property in India located in upcoming smart cities, being Internet of Things enabled will be crucial to its smart city identity.

Governments Appointed CEO’s

There is some reason to cheer as the central government has appointed CEO’s for every smart city in the country to ensure that smart city projects are viable long-term projects and to ensure that such cities are built in a holistic manner.

Recently appointed CEO’s will need to form proper communication channels with those involved in the smart city project under their care. As only 20 percent of the funding available will be used for the smart city product, solution, and service component; the need to fund smart city projects thru the aid of service providers is favored by in India will benefit from being located in a smart city yet the funding provided to the city council may be inadequate for the building, operation, maintenance and support of a smart city.


Top Property Destinations in India to Invest in Real Estate in 2017

India is a favorable real estate destination by property investors from all across the world. Be it luxury housing projects or commercial projects, the country is considered a safe haven to put money for high capital gains. People spend a lot of time on real estate websites in India to explore the best destinations for top residential properties.

Are you also planning to buy residential properties in India but confused about the right city? Here are the hot real estate investment destinations in India for 2017. Here are the top five real estate investment destinations in India. It is not just availability of properties or more job opportunities, but the efforts put by the government and world-class infrastructure, which is contributing in the growth of these cities.

Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai and Ahmedabad are the five hot property investment destinations in India in 2017. Every property website in India is promoting inventories in these localities due to increased demand for residential housing projects here. Further, growing local economies, skilled workforce and the influx of talent from different states have contributed to increased demand for residential properties.

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These metro cities in India not just have basic infrastructures like good roads, power supply, and water supply but also have advanced social infrastructure like connectivity via metro trains, airports, luxury hotels, hospitals, educational institutes, leading companies etc. All these factors together ensure a better quality of life that modern home buyers look for in their dream homes.

This has also given rise to the websites for properties in India. These websites help digital home buyers get all the details on their smartphone to buy the best property in any city without even visiting it.

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7 Points Guide To Buy The Best Property In India

What’s the difference between home loan overdraft scheme and housing loan?

Property in India To Benefit From Trust Between Buyers and Sellers

2017 – A revolutionary year for Indian real estate

By April 2017, the revolutionary Real Estate Regulation and Development Act will be an application in the whole country. This consumer friendly Act will make Indian real estate market more reliable and transparent. NRIs looking forward to investing in real estate market and exploring the best real estate portal in India can focus on these five states where RERA is already operational. If you want to buy property in some other area, you should wait till May 2017.

What’s the difference between home loan overdraft scheme and housing loan?

Do you want to invest in property in India and looking forward to borrowing money from the bank? Have you heard about terms like a home loan and overdraft but don’t know the different between them? Do you want to know which is more beneficial between loan and overdraft for home buyers in India?

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When visiting banks or other housing finance institution providing financial support to the people interested in property in India, you will come across these terms. If you have been delaying your decision of applying for a home loan due to confusion about these two terms, here is the difference for you.

Home loan

A home loan is a capital that you borrow from the bank to make payment for your new residential property. Based on your income and age, the bank gives you a specific amount for a certain period of time. The rate of interest is on the loan is decided as per the bank’s base rate. You get the freedom to choose between fixed or floating interest rate. According to the duration of the loan, banks decide monthly EMI that you need to pay every month.


Every home loan borrower wants to get rid of the debt before the actual tenure. For this, they avail a pre-payment facility. But this comes with its own limitations like the maximum and minimum amount of pre-payment. Further, you never know when you get a financial emergency after paying a pre-payment for a loan. In such a situation, the bank gives you a home loan overdraft facility where you can withdraw a limited amount of money as an overdraft. This facility is available against fixed deposits or other securities.

A few real estate sites in India also have special sections for home buyers looking for a home loan. These sections have detailed information about the process and other terms used by banks.

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Budget 2017 : The Indian real estate Sector has its Fingers Crossed

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Difference between a home loan and an overdraft

Interest: On regular home loan interest is calculated on the outstanding principal amount while in case of an overdraft, interest is calculated on the book balance.

Duration: Generally overdraft is availed for a short duration while home loan in most of the cases ranges from 3 to 25 years.

Payment: Home loan is repaid through Equated Monthly Installments (EMI) whereas payment for an overdraft is made in a lump sum.

Every real estate website that offers genuine information includes all the details that home buyers need to make a profitable decision. This also includes details of home loan facilities and process.

5 things property investors expect in real estate websites

Online medium has reduced the gap between people. Now people can find a solution to their every requirement by just visiting a website and exploring it. real estate market has also got benefitted from it. Today’s tech-savvy property investors find real estate websites helpful. Whether it is the availability of a right property in the certain region of comparison of different options, online portals make the process extremely easy.

But in this highly competitive market, real estate companies can get an edge over others only by meeting visitor expectations. A property website that meets below mentioned expectations of property investors can only become an advanced yet impressive site.

Personalized services

No one has time to visit a website that provides generic details and makes property search really daunting task. Property search websites with personalized search options get an edge over other websites. Some websites have easy to fill forms to understand visitor requirements and generate personalized results.

Property Valuation

Just providing names and locations of the properties sold by different builders and investors is not enough for modern home buyers. They look for real estate sites with right property valuation to make a more informative decision.

Extensive Search

Certain websites in real estate market in India are just to list and search for properties, but many offer additional services to provide extensive property details. Most of the sites give access to the additional information only to the registered users and ask visitors to register on their realty website.

Property Comparison

Busy property investors find it really difficult to first make a list of available options and then comparing them on different aspects. Property sites with extensive search and comparison of real estate projects on different aspects, such as location, price, design, infrastructure, society etc. win hearts of investors.

Property astrology

To buy property in India, people are more concerned about the right dates and months then the ongoing market situation. Whether they want to buy a property or want to sell it, they first look at their stars before making the transaction. A website catering to this requirement gets more priority over other websites with nothing but property listing.

There are tons of benefits which real estate investors in India can enjoy by getting access to an advanced and user-friendly website. All you need is to find that website and make property investment hassle-free.


Real Estate Websites

Real estate websites in India have been undergoing a consolidation over the past few months. The founders of certain portals, after having been ousted by the new management have proclaimed that the company they themselves founded shall most likely die a slow death. There may simply not be enough of the real estate pie to go around for all the real estate websites in the country. Most of the real estate websites sell homes in only the largest and most important cities and sell to only to the segment of society that can afford to buy homes that are priced over at least thirty five to forty lakhs. Propchill helpline: 7827456456

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Budget’s welcome boost for real estate

It is welcome that the Budget proposes a few measures to support assessment and lift straight forwardness in the approach tested land segment. Abroad, in the develop markets, real estate represents a large portion of the GDP development; the like figure for land movement here is far littler. Unmistakably, there is much potential for development in the part — obviously, dependent upon general development and dynamism in the economy overall. For more here : property website


The Budget tries to move the indexation base year from 1981 to 2001 for the require of capital increases charge ashore and real estate website, which was long past due. An unrevised indexation base year is unreasonable motivating force to stow away and not completely reveal capital picks up in lodging and real estate. Furthermore, foundation status for reasonable lodging and its more extensive categorisation are both moves in the correct course of change. Encourage, expulsion of the expense on notional rental salary for one year, from the date of issue of finish testament, would permit real estate developments to exchange stock and maintain a strategic distance from extra taxation rate.

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There are still other striking lodging related measures in the Budget, for example, the expanded quantum of renegotiate for real estate, or the move to broaden the period for outside business borrowings for lodging at decreased rates. However, there stays broad darkness in real estate, and which needs to go. Supposedly, development grants require a few dozen clearances.


We clearly need to move to an arrangement of online issuance of such allows, crosswise over states. The base-year indexation needs decadal change, for consistency and straightforwardness. The path ahead is to edge solid guidelines under the Real Estate Act, 2016, and furthermore patch up administrative oversight crosswise over purviews. We do need to methodicallly shore up asset portion for lodging and real estate broadly.

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Budget 2017 Gives A Boost To Affordable Housing

The Budget that was being touted as a represent the moment of truth one for the eventual fate of India, and the Government made some huge declarations on the foundation fund and furthermore on helpful changes to the moderate lodging portion.


The Budget passed up a major opportunity for giving any extra pay charge motivating forces to first-time home buyers or giving higher expense investment funds on lodging advances and house protection premiums. Nor did it raise house lease conclusion limits. In addition, one crore houses are to be worked by 2019 in provincial India for the destitute and those living in “kaccha” houses. Distribution to PMAY has been expanded from Rs. 15,000 crore to Rs. 23,000 crore in the rustic zones – and reasonable lodging will now at long last be given framework status. This is extremely critical, in light of the fact that it will give the imperative spending lodging fragment with less expensive wellsprings of fund including, however not confined to, ECBs (outside business borrowings). Likewise, re-financing of lodging advances by NHBs (National Housing Bank) can surrender a leg to the division. For more : real estate sites


Under the most recent arrangements, Development to get one year’s a great opportunity to pay charge on notional rental pay on finished unsold residential stock. As far as possible for capital increases to be considered as a long haul pick up has been lessened to 2 years from the prior 3 years. More supply will enter the lodging market now.

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The relevant exclusions for moderate lodging will now be perceived on the premise of cover range of 30 sq. m. what’s more, 60 sq. m. rather than on the premise of saleable territory. The 30 sq. m. point of confinement may be material inside the partnership furthest reaches of the 4 noteworthy metros. For periphery zones of these metros and all different urban areas, it will be 60 sq. m. on cover range. This will adequately serve to expand the expansion the quantity of undertakings falling under this portion. For more here property websites in india


On the foundation front, an aggregate venture of INR 3,96,135 cr was reported in the Budget 2017. Spending allotment for parkways will go up to INR 64,000 crore in FY18 from the prior INR 57,676 crore. Distribution for national expressways has been ventured up to INR 64,000 cr from INR 57,676 cr. The provincial streets’ development work will be quickened to 133 km of streets for each day in 2016-17, as against 73km/day amid 2011-14. Another metro rail approach will be declared.